PredictX is demonstrating a chat and voice assistant designed to save corporate managers time seeking answers and sending messages about booked travel. The data analytics firm is talking to potential first adopters for the system, which can use voice or text apps like Facebook Messenger, SMS or Slack.

In a briefing, executives showed examples of queries a travel manager might make upon arrival to the office in the morning. A quickly typed or spoken question could deliver within seconds info about, say, too many employees booked on the same flight or an employee whose next trip would create a taxable event.

When delivering the answers, the system can ask whether it should complete tasks. “Would you like to notify his manager?” The user can type “yes” and PredictX sends the appropriate emails.

PredictX CEO Keesup Choe said he expected users eventually to find that while they were sleeping, the system took care of this or that task.

Spending and forecasting data are available, as well as a bird’s eye scan by asking, “What’s new today?”

The company plans to charge a subscription fee but has not determined the amount.

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