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Conferma Preps More Contactless Payment, The ‘Final Piece’ In Virtual Card Success

Sabre-owned virtual payments company Conferma Pay expects by January to provision virtual cards into digital wallets for travel bookings. It’s another means for virtual payment to dispense with 20th-century technology. Faxes now handle a minority of Conferma Pay’s virtual card authorizations to…

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Growth In Contactless Payment Acceptance Creates Opportunity For Virtual Cards

The sharp increase in U.S. merchant contactless payment capability during the pandemic is increasing the appeal of virtual payment by tackling one of its many challenges. For all their well-documented strengths in terms of controls, fraud prevention, data quality and velocity, compliance,…

United States Requires Virtual Cards In Next Federal Payment Program

[UPDATE, Sept. 12, 2017: The U.S. General Services Administration announced Citibank and U.S. Bank as contractors for its SmartPay 3 program, covering purchasing, travel, fleet and integrated payment services. GSA indicated that the program would total $700 billion in transaction value during…

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