[UPDATE, 2021: We once again put the Teleconference on hiatus, but you can review past episodes here.]

Collaborating internally and externally, interpreting market signals and embracing change are critical aspects of business resiliency, according to Harvard Business Review.

Business information is about all that, too. At The Company Dime, our mission to provide insight and analysis feels more important than ever and makes us proud.

But we’re also heartbroken. We’re worried about the pandemic’s effects on the profession we cover and the people who practice it.

We have redoubled our efforts to provide the facts and networking that hopefully help our constituents endure. We offer a free, 12-month subscription to those who lost jobs. We launched a microsite at BusinessTravelTech.com so users can discover and click through to register for online industry events. [UPDATE, Jan. 2021: We closed that webinar page.] We stepped up the frequency of our Buyers Council conference calls.

Still fixated on what else we can do, we’ve come up with two new things.

First, we’re investing in more content. For no additional fee, subscribers will soon access selected news and analysis that we license from mainstream publications, including The Economist, Harvard Business Review and The New York Times. This will not overwhelm or replace any of our existing material; you’ll still get as much in-depth corporate travel coverage as always.

We plan to deliver through this program the bigger picture of innovation, leadership, workforce management, career development and public policy. These publications occasionally write about business travel, too.

We’re also testing out nifty ways to prompt dialogue in the text of these and other articles.

Secondly, we’re bringing back our Teleconference. As Buyers Council members told us, there are lots of webinars happening these days, but many are frustratingly commercial. When a sponsor’s agenda is driving an event, it can lack a diversity of views.

The new Teleconference will be different from its previous incarnation. We won’t be selling tickets. Instead, we will offer it on a combination invitation/first-come, first-served basis to subscribers. (We’ll post recordings for all subscribers.)

But the ethos still fits. Call it the anti-infomercial.

We’ll have guest speakers on pre-planned topics and group discussions, including news meetings in which we highlight issues for potential coverage in The Company Dime and ask who wants to comment. Borrowing elements from seminars, radio shows, news conferences and public forums, this is a conference call, not a video call. It will be recorded and transcribed, and it is all on the record. It’s designed for sharing and networking, but also to infuse our planned articles with smart commentary.

We’re excited to roll out these new initiatives beginning in the coming weeks. As always, if we can help you navigate this challenging time by perhaps hunting down some info or making a connection, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

And hang in there, everybody.

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  1. As always gents, you guys bring the goods! You are pretty much my Travel Wiki these days, thanks so much for such a rich depth of salient, timely reporting, Op Eds that offer fully diverse viewpoints, and conversations that are always educational and lively, but often times brilliantly tinted with some droll humor! You guys are a whole level unto yourselves… Going Up!

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