Travel Risk Firms Warn Of Growing, Multifaceted Dangers

Geopolitical tensions, cybersecurity threats and the impact of climate change topped 2024 watchlists and predictions published during the past two months by several travel risk management providers. Even as armed conflict grows in multiple locations around the globe for the first time in decades, there’s also consensus that travel program managers should beware of domestic…

GBTA Posts Index Of Travel Risk Management Suppliers, Capabilities

Duty of care is top of mind and ISO guidance on travel risk management is becoming more familiar to those involved in corporate travel. Still, many organizations don’t know which suppliers and third parties can meet TRM program needs. Aiming to plug that knowledge gap, the GBTA Risk Committee surveyed providers, reviewed supporting evidence and…

Traveler Tracking Wasn’t Good Enough, And Might Get Worse

Traveler tracking and TMC reporting systems couldn’t handle the crush of cancellations as SARS-CoV-2 raced around the globe almost three years ago. Inaccurate reports on traveler locations had companies spinning wheels. Is the industry ready for another large-scale event? In some ways, yes. Mostly no. And evolving airline distribution strategies are complicating everything.  Things will…

Distributed Work, New ISO Guidance Shape Travel Risk Management’s Next Steps

As businesses send their people back on the road in growing numbers, there’s a lot for travel managers and travelers to remember about risk prevention, mitigation and response. At the same time, with employees working from home or just about any place they want, there are many more environments for organizations to keep tabs on….

Aiming To Check More Boxes, Players Remake Risk Management Landscape

Employee safety is paramount for organizations. Because travel is a big part, providers involved in risk, security and mass communications in recent years added travel services to their portfolios. On the flip side, for organizations that focused people risk management mostly on their traveling people, 2020 showed there’s much more to it. To serve evolving…

SAP Concur Updates Solutions For Covid-19 Response

With technology updates already underway for both its Travel and Expense solutions, a refresh of SAP Concur’s Request product wouldn’t have gained much attention pre-Covid. But as with a new approach for its risk management offering, priorities have changed. SAP Concur also recently highlighted several other features designed to help clients in the crisis. Among…

WorldAware’s Status Update For The Americas Shows More Of The Same

For the United States and large Latin American countries, progress on containing the virus and reopening economies has been spotty. With absolute infection rates mostly down from peak levels, governments are looking to ease some restrictions, including those limiting commercial airline flights. The effect of those changes will be minimal, according to WorldAware. The U.S….

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