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What Matters When Choosing A Corporate Travel Consultant

Consulting services for corporate travel program management are popping up everywhere. Even suppliers like Delta Air Lines and Mastercard are ready to help. Incumbents include special divisions of travel management companies, individuals, boutique firms and some of the world’s largest consultancies. How does an organization choose? Primarily, it’s about how well the consultant’s subject matter…

Now Focused On Expense, SalesTrip Sticks With Salesforce Play

Sales trips may not really be happening yet, but SalesTrip is still kicking. Like some other business travel startups, it refocused on expense management after the pandemic smashed travel bookings. Unlike some others that were acquired, it shrank and kept at it.  The formerly 24-person company is so much slimmer that a request last month…

It’s Time For Travel Managers To Take ‘Deep Breaths’ And A Step Back

Some corporate travel operations have moved from crisis mode to a more strategic phase. With virtually no business travel activity underway, everyone will be there soon enough. There’s plenty to do. According to industry consultants and travel buyers, managers can find opportunities to add value in areas including supplier relations, policy management and digital transformation….

Counting The Ways To Integrate Travel And Expense, Authorized Or Otherwise

Business travel agency startup TripActions is pushing the boundaries of collaboration with examples of both authorized and unauthorized expense management integration. The company today announced a “strategic” arrangement with Expensify, to which it already had pushed client data for a couple of years. TripActions already had formal (as in, announced) relationships with Coupa and Divvy….

As Acquis Consulting-Backed Startup Takes On Rocketrip, Pros Remain Divided On Rewards

Tripkicks is a new tech company focused on helping companies spend less on business travel through employee incentives. Its approach is similar to that of Rocketrip, which helped popularize the notion of behavioral change based on shared savings. Tripkicks’ largest investor is Acquis Consulting, which also is a strategic partner helping with implementation. Tripkicks CEO…

Fraudsters Busted For Stealing $1 Million Through T&E Card, Expense Processes

A Connecticut woman this week pleaded guilty to embezzling more than $1 million from her company during a three-year period to 2016 by exploiting payment and expense reimbursement processes. As much as business leaders would like to trust employees, preventing them from stealing is a big reason to have travel and expense management. Despite corporate…

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