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Explainer: Personalization And Airline Retailing

In light of American Airlines’ plan to move upwards of 40 percent of its fares to direct or NDC-enabled channels as of April, it’s worth re-examining one of the primary motivations: better tailoring products and services for flyers. As described by its developer, the International Air Transport Association, the NDC program enables “personalized service based…

AA Cranks Up Bias For NDC, Claims Sabre TMCs Will Be Financially Whole

American Airlines on Monday told travel agencies that more than 40 percent of its existing content, as well as newly developed offers, would be accessible only through “modern” channels come April. It’s another component of AA’s new overarching revenue strategy that revamps some corporate travel traditions. Some buyers praised AA for taking the leap. It…

Airline Contracts Are Complex But Applying Them Need Not Be Inefficient, Developers Say

Travel management companies want to maximize revenues, corporate program managers want smooth servicing and no one wants debit memos. New integration between a pair of travel tech firms hopes to accomplish all of that and address some of the challenges of alternative airline distribution models. The key is using automation to overcome airline contract complexity….

Delta Attack On SAP Concur Epitomizes Growing Impatience In Airline Distribution

With uncharacteristic bluntness, two key providers in corporate travel this month separately identified inhibitors to progress. A Delta distribution exec urged buyers to pressure SAP Concur to get its act together. Sabre leaders criticized widely used corporate airfare policies as archaic. And it’s not just them; perhaps the pandemic is a boon for plain speaking….

Expecting More Non-GDS Fares, Air Canada To Launch Tool For Travel Agencies To Service Direct Bookings And Access NDC

Air Canada 18 years ago debuted fare families, a response to low-cost competition that set off a revolution in airline pricing. The company’s decision shortly thereafter to make some fares exclusive to its direct channels augured similar moves more than a decade later by big carriers in Europe and elsewhere. Is Montréal changing the game…

Despite Flaws, Physical Health Screenings Are Now A Business Travel Reality

Many companies are checking temperatures before employees enter facilities. The federal government and some states recommended the procedure to help businesses reopen. Thermal scanning also is already happening at some airports around the globe, as well as other locations. Travelers should expect to encounter more health screenings of different sorts. Thermal scanning is supposed to…

NuTravel (And Hilfman) Joins ARC, Blockskye And Traxo To Accelerate Direct Airline Distribution For Business Travel

Airlines Reporting Corp. this month acquired a majority stake in technology developer nuTravel. NuTravel will operate as an independent subsidiary and deliver managed business travel booking capabilities through airline websites. In conjunction with the transaction, nuTravel named former United Airlines senior vice president Dave Hilfman an independent director. NuTravel’s Universal Connect technology is different from…

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