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Adding Air, Tripbam Begins Evolution To Corporate Travel Spend Management Platform

Known as a corporate hotel program aide, Tripbam is spreading its wings into the air category. It plans to mimic its lodging capabilities and capture data on airline bookings, look for better airfares and automatically rebook them. It will develop benchmarks and analytics, and ultimately delve into air sourcing. The roadmap contemplates similar functionality for…

Biden Administration Could Bolster Ground Transport Hygiene Regulations (Audio)

A non-profit group of transportation agency commissioners and managers is close to finalizing model regulations and best practices for ground transport operators. CDC and OSHA issued some official guidance covering parts of the sector, but no mandates. That could change under a Joe Biden administration. He indicated plans for a mask mandate for interstate transportation….

Feeling The Burn, Travel Suppliers Focus On Cash And Cost Cuts

Lodging and transportation companies lost money in the first quarter and they’re losing more during the second. What matters now is shoring up liquidity and improving cash burn for the second half of the year and into 2021. To bolster reserves, suppliers are taking out loans, tapping into credit facilities, cutting spending and reducing workforces….

Op Ed: Igor Marchal On The Future Of Car Rental Distribution

Car rental companies can’t sufficiently differentiate their products or provide a modern shopping experience within the current distribution framework. That’s according to travel industry veteran Igor Marchal of Klomat Consulting. Drawing on his experiences at CWT, Expedia and Europcar, Marchal explains the constraints currently hindering the car rental industry and suggests a course of action….

Connected Car Rental Fleets Go Mainstream

Connected vehicles are entering the fast lane of car rental. Familiar to corporate fleet managers, the concept uses telematics for two-way communications between vehicles and operations management. It underpins many of the new services coming to an evolving ground transport sector. Connected fleets promise speedier vehicle pick-up and return. Geofenced vehicles immediately communicate fuel level,…

Microsoft, Tripism Pioneer Account-Specific Supplier Offers

Building on work with launch client Microsoft, Tripism’s employee feedback-based, intranet-enhancing engagement platform now features dynamic offers from preferred suppliers. The functionality comes at no cost to the client’s favored airlines, hotels and car rental companies. They can “escape the confines” of the global distribution systems to showcase content, benefits and promotions — and get data…

Travel And Transport App Helps Travelers Fuel Up Before They Fork Over

You have all been there. Driving toward the airport, about to return the rental car and sweating it out because you might have already passed the last gas station before the return ramp. And then what? Pay through the nose? Turn around and risk missing the flight? You just know there’s a conspiracy between these…

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