Amex Versus Everybody

If you tuned in to an American Express Company investor call six years ago, you heard about a vintage brand dramatically cutting costs to help profits. Now, strong growth with younger generations and a significant lead over competitors in the small and medium-sized enterprise card market have Amex predicting double-digit revenue growth for the foreseeable…

TripActions Puts Its Millions To Work On Payment, Expense

[UPDATE, Feb. 25, 2020: TripActions announced partnerships with Comerica Bank, Goldman Sachs, Silicon Valley Bank and Visa for the Liquid initiative. The program, using cards issued by Stripe, offers clients a 1.5 percent rebate, integrates with the booking process to support policy compliance and delivers unified payment and booking reports.] At the GBTA convention in…

Considering Raising More Capital, Expensify Capitalizes On Silicon Valley’s Fervor For FinTech

Expensify’s new payment product is not what comes to mind for most people when they think “corporate card.” While technically it’s a credit card, effectively it’s a debit card with the controls of a pre-paid card. It doesn’t seem to be an idea that could replace T&E cards at large companies. For small firms, it…

Counting The Ways To Integrate Travel And Expense, Authorized Or Otherwise

Business travel agency startup TripActions is pushing the boundaries of collaboration with examples of both authorized and unauthorized expense management integration. The company today announced a “strategic” arrangement with Expensify, to which it already had pushed client data for a couple of years. TripActions already had formal (as in, announced) relationships with Coupa and Divvy….

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