Public Streets Are The Lab For Self-Driving Experiments

With Tesla making its way into the rental car market and business travelers choosing from a variety of new mobility modes, employers need to keep their ground transportation risk policies up to date. Roy Furchgott writes about how regulations determine liability for autonomous driving, a quickly arriving technology. Tesla’s relentless vision for self-driving cars has…


Is An All-Encompassing Mobility App Making A Comeback?

Ground transportation doesn’t get as much attention in managed travel programs as some other categories, but new tech that aggregates options for the various modes, as described in this article by John Surico, could have implications for productivity, distribution, duty of care and sustainability. Imagine an app on your smartphone in which every form of transportation…


Stronger Demand, Tighter Supply Mean Profits And Service Issues In Car Rental

Some companies’ biggest travel management headaches these days are coming from one of the smaller-spend categories — ground transportation, particularly car rental. Renters face tight availability, poor vehicle condition and rising rates. Avis Budget Group and Hertz reported record earnings for the quarter ended Sept. 30. They cited strengthening demand, cost reductions realized during the…

Hip Mobility, SummitQwest Merge For All-In-One Ground Transport Platform

Commuter shuttle firm Hip Mobility and corporate ground transport specialist SummitQwest finalized a merger on June 30. The new entity, HQ, intends to offer a one-stop shop for ground transport needs, ranging from micromobility, ride-hailing and car rental to high-end corporate sedans, vans and buses. Corporate spending on ground transport tends to be fragmented across…


Ground Transport Companies Power Green Programs With Electric Vehicles, Micromobility

A pair of Europe-based ground transportation companies recently announced plans to speed up their transitions to electric vehicles. Meanwhile, Uber expanded its green program that charges passengers a bit more and pays drivers a bit more for rides in EVs. Many companies during the pandemic encourage employees to avoid public transport, if possible. Alternatives like…


Biden Administration Could Bolster Ground Transport Hygiene Regulations (Audio)

A non-profit group of transportation agency commissioners and managers is close to finalizing model regulations and best practices for ground transport operators. CDC and OSHA issued some official guidance covering parts of the sector, but no mandates. That could change under a Joe Biden administration. He indicated plans for a mask mandate for interstate transportation….