Messaging Can Keep Corporate Travelers On The Right Road As Gas Prices Rise

As fuel costs increase, travel buyers may want to revisit and refresh their car rental policies, negotiations and traveler communications.  Corporate travel policies typically recommend or require travelers to fill up before dropping off rentals. When car rental companies do the refueling, the rate may be as much as a few dollars more per gallon,…

Hertz Claims Share Gains At Amex GBT, Ditches ‘Unprofitable’ Corporate Deals

Hertz emerged last year from bankruptcy as a leaner company with a new outlook on corporate sales. It used reorganization to get out of what it deemed unfavorable corporate deals and now, according to interim CEO Mark Fields, “We do not chase unprofitable business.” That’s easier to justify when there is tight supply relative to…

Stronger Demand, Tighter Supply Mean Profits And Service Issues In Car Rental

Some companies’ biggest travel management headaches these days are coming from one of the smaller-spend categories — ground transportation, particularly car rental. Renters face tight availability, poor vehicle condition and rising rates. Avis Budget Group and Hertz reported record earnings for the quarter ended Sept. 30. They cited strengthening demand, cost reductions realized during the…

Avis Budget Cracks Down On Illicit Use Of Discount Codes

Travelers taking advantage of rates negotiated by companies they don’t work for is one of the oldest tricks in the book. With car rental rates rising amid recovering demand and limited inventory, Avis Budget is telling customers they must prove they are entitled to discounted rates by producing verification of their employer. Small businesses must…

Feeling The Burn, Travel Suppliers Focus On Cash And Cost Cuts

Lodging and transportation companies lost money in the first quarter and they’re losing more during the second. What matters now is shoring up liquidity and improving cash burn for the second half of the year and into 2021. To bolster reserves, suppliers are taking out loans, tapping into credit facilities, cutting spending and reducing workforces….

Op Ed: Igor Marchal On The Future Of Car Rental Distribution

Car rental companies can’t sufficiently differentiate their products or provide a modern shopping experience within the current distribution framework. That’s according to travel industry veteran Igor Marchal of Klomat Consulting. Drawing on his experiences at CWT, Expedia and Europcar, Marchal explains the constraints currently hindering the car rental industry and suggests a course of action….

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