Details Remain Bedeviling In Virtual Payment For Hotels

The innovation in virtual payment is clear, as are its challenges. New standards hold some promise for a primary use case, lodging, but have a ways to go. A Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association and Hospitality Technology Next Generation joint task force has been working on specifications under the Open Payments Alliance umbrella for a…

As Associations Explore Virtual Payment Standards, Providers Push Solutions

Corporate travel players continue to smooth out the seams in virtual payment use, especially at hotel check-in where confusion remains commonplace. Sabre is testing the placement of virtual payment indicators along with booking info in its global distribution system. Associations are working on a new payment “channel” that would operate in parallel to booking channels….

Conichi Trades ‘Sexy’ Stuff For Fundamentals

As interesting as the next new thing can be, sometimes it’s the boring old stuff that needs attention. Core processes, data capture, spend management. Yawn. When Germany-based Conichi hit the market four years ago, its mobile app leveraged beacons and personalization, and facilitated digital hotel room door opening. The company’s focus is different now. Conichi still provides…

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