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For Deem And Others, Accessibility Is About Leveraging Mobile, Standards And Big Tech

As corporate travel event organizers and information providers continued to highlight Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, the needs of travelers with disabilities this year came to the fore. The BTN Group this summer ran an online event diving into the challenges of accessibility in travel. The topic found its way to other trade publications and one…

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Siemens: Amadeus Deal Underpins Global Content Acquisition And Traveler Experience

In its move to two travel management companies and one global distribution system, $67 billion multinational manufacturing conglomerate Siemens focused on the traveler experience.  Some corporations that establish agreements with GDS providers do so for economic reasons. “Incentives were clearly not the driver in this change,” according to an email this week from Siemens head…

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Richer Info, Tighter Integration, Acquisitions Propel Corporate Online Booking Technology

Delivering Covid-related info in the booking path is a challenge that may perpetuate outsized reliance on human support, but tech is the long-term answer. Booking tool developers hope that when corporate travelers come back in earnest, they’re pleasantly surprised by improved user experiences. Systems tap some of the same sources for Covid details that, pre-pandemic,…

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The Pandemic Slowed Growth In Online Booking Adoption

The share of business travel bookings made online by travelers relative to phone or email with an agent fell for many entities in 2020. It seems that in a crisis, many humans trust humans more than machines to have the latest info. Technologists and travel management companies are working on ways to help resume growth…


Op Ed: Anna Price On Hotel Dayrooms

Hotel dayrooms can stand in for office space in certain scenarios. Anna Price, a consultant with Procurigence, explores how organizations can find, manage and pay for them. The phenomenon of dayrooms is not new. It was an option long before Covid arrived on the scene. This room rate type originally targeted travelers with long layovers,…

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Deem Signs Former GetThere Clients Apple, Toyota For Online Booking Technology

Deem picked up online booking contracts with Apple and Toyota — big wins for a company that’s had plenty of ups and downs.  Acquired by Enterprise Holdings last year, Deem powers the car rental company’s small business site and is a key tech provider to other ground transportation firms. Now with Apple and Toyota’s U.S….

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Op Ed: Louise Miller On TMC Innovation Coming Back Into View

Louise Miller, managing partner in the Americas for Areka Consulting, sees opportunity for suppliers and buyers to reorient their thinking and emerge from the pandemic crisis with improved products and programs. For travel management companies, the key is to recognize the forces behind innovation. Over the past five years, we’ve seen unprecedented investment in the…