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Boeing, EY Buyers Demonstrate Why Dynamic Hotel Pricing Isn’t For Everybody

Chicago — GBTA billed the session as a point-counterpoint. Well-known and charismatic buyers from two very large companies would debate the merits of using dynamic pricing over static rates for lodging. “Who will survive the debate?” the session’s description asked. “Hear from both sides as they passionately argue their position for and against dynamic pricing.”…

Egencia Is Building Its Own Hotel Rate Assurance Technology

Popularized by Tripbam and Yapta, hotel rate assurance is now a common part of travel management. Dozens of travel management companies work with those firms to provide a hotel reshopping service and switch travelers to more favorable rates. American Express Global Business Travel decided to build its own system. So has Travel and Transport (which…

Yapta Automates Hotel Rebooking

Clients now can configure Yapta to automatically rebook hotel rooms at lower rates in a variety of scenarios. These include when Yapta finds a better option with the same rate code, or another negotiated rate that’s lower, or the same room type, the same or a better cancellation policy or the same or better amenities. …

Amex GBT To Expand Proprietary Hotel Reshopping Service

American Express Global Business Travel this year will bring its hotel reshopping function to markets beyond North America. Like services from Tripbam and Yapta, it uses automation to scan for lower rates after a traveler makes a reservation, and rebooks when appropriate. The system only looks for comparable rates – same hotel, room type, etc….

Egencia Adds Array Of Services As It Moves From ‘Digital TMC’ To Platform

Egencia president Rob Greyber has been thinking a lot about the long view. He has opinions on how leading travel management companies will develop to serve both travelers and travel buyers. Part of that is to deliver a platform on which add-on services sit. To that end, Egencia has arrangements with no less than nine…

Reshopping Can Be Free, But Beware The Bias

Popularized by Tripbam and Yapta, hotel reshopping offers savings as rates fluctuate after initial bookings. But who controls exactly what gets reshopped and rebooked? Whose best interests are served? Microsoft’s recently released corporate travel manifesto raised these and more questions. The document alluded to conflicts of interest when travel management companies actively bias toward hoteliers in…

Hotels Consider More Cancellation Policy Tweaks

[UPDATE, June 16, 2017: Marriott International on June 15 introduced a new 48-hour cancellation policy at all hotels across all brands in the Americas, except Design Hotels, effective immediately. “Guests will now be required to cancel their room reservation by midnight 48 hours prior to arrival to avoid a fee,” according to a company statement….

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