Reporter’s Notebook: Reviewing Job Performance During Covid, Coordinating Travel Mgmt. And Security, Reconsidering Corp. Airline Deals, Pursuing Testing Standards

This autumn isn’t panning out the way many of us expected. Business travel hasn’t bounced back, and in-person industry education is non-existent. Fortunately, virtual forums are standing in. The batch of insights below came from online events conducted by Deem (Sept. 24), the Institute of Travel Management (Sept. 29), and Atlas Travel, Cornell University and…

Trial For Transmitting International Travelers’ Covid Test Results To Start This Week

A pilot program for transmitting certified Covid test results to smooth over international air travel hiccups will kick off this week for Cathay Pacific’s Hong Kong-Singapore flights. United Airlines will add its flights between Newark and London later this month. The aim is to allow Covid-negative travelers to avoid quarantines that stymie business travel recovery….

WorldAware’s Status Update For The Americas Shows More Of The Same

For the United States and large Latin American countries, progress on containing the virus and reopening economies has been spotty. With absolute infection rates mostly down from peak levels, governments are looking to ease some restrictions, including those limiting commercial airline flights. The effect of those changes will be minimal, according to WorldAware. The U.S….

Movement For Quarantine-Free U.K.-U.S. Travel Faces Tests

Business travel is an important economic enabler and New York-London is a critical business travel route. If authorities on both sides can confirm negative Covid tests by incoming travelers and limit their stays, why not exempt them from quarantine rules? Organizers of a pilot program intend to find out starting this month. A Switzerland-based nonprofit…

Reporter’s Notebook: Communication Breakdowns, Policy Leakage, Virtual Pay, Government (In)action

With no one conducting in-person corporate events, the industry calendar is filled with webinars and other virtual programming. No one can listen to it all. Nor should they want to; many are beset by technical difficulties or stray too far into supplier marketing. But plenty deliver education for travel management pros and enable networking, benchmarking…

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