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Pundits Assess Greater Reliance On Travel Management Companies, And Its Challenges

The pandemic made more companies question the value of business travel, but at the same time, reliance on the partners that help manage it grew. According to a Global Business Travel Association survey last month, 52 percent of more than 300 travel buyers said their organizations’ reliance on travel management companies for service and support…

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As Off-Channel Capture Solutions Evolve, Demand For Policy Compliance Grows

The latest research shows that as an outcome of the pandemic, more companies will expect employees to make reservations with their designated travel management companies. This makes sense for duty of care, spend management and carbon tracking. Meanwhile, providers of third-party solutions that help capture most of what isn’t booked in-channel continue to add capabilities….


An Open, Dirty And Badly Kept Secret: ‘Use The IBM Code’

Last week, a federal court sentenced a Baltimore-area former owner of a travel booking company to a year and a day in prison for operationalizing one of the oldest tricks in the corporate travel book — using IBM’s rate code. It’s been a half-joke in the travel industry for decades, but it’s fraud, and some…

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Tech Firms Partner To Help Travelers Use Negotiated Hotel Rates When Booking Direct

Remember the good old days when corporate travel professionals would see 50 percent compliance to preferred booking channels for lodging as a big challenge? Nowadays, 50 percent of anything would be everything. Still, duty of care calls for companies that expect to travel again to address this issue, ensuring relevance for the question of whether…


Op Ed: Tony D’Astolfo On Witnessing, And Possibly Enabling, The Demise Of The Managed Travel Program

Serko’s Tony D’Astolfo channels his inner Col. Jessep to ask if the travel management profession can handle the truth about self-inflicted wounds. I was watching “A Few Good Men” the other night and just after Jack Nicholson’s memorable courtroom scene, a thought popped into my head: This reminds me of today’s managed travel program. I…


Teleconference 1 (Beta): Airline Direct Distribution

Airline Direct Distribution Sept. 8, 2016 The Company Dime welcomes expert guests including American Airlines managing director for distribution and data commercialization Cory Garner, ARC president and CEO Mike Premo, WestRock corporate travel manager Karen Hatch and World Travel Inc. president Dee Runyan to decode the status quo on airline direct booking in business travel. See the slides…