Still Beating Display Drum, Delta Restates New Distribution Capability ‘Pause’

While continuing to argue that retailing capabilities in traditional connections and displays could improve, a Delta Air Lines exec on Wednesday said a New Distribution Capability project with Sabre that the airline halted a couple of years ago had “very much restarted.” Also this week, Delta officials clarified 2020 comments widely taken to mean NDC…

As Hopper Spawns Flexibility And Price Protections, Corporate Booking Tech Is On The Way

Apparently Hopper is building a corporate online booking tool. Marketing materials suggest B2B clients can “offer an end-to-end OBT that leverages Hopper’s technology, supply and design.” Scores of job openings describe a new corporate travel team that would “make Hopper’s consumer booking experience available to corporate travelers with corporate controls” through an “elegant, user-centric” solution….

T2RL: Corporate Travel’s Fragility May Trump Impact Of Any AA Court Win Over Sabre

American Airlines and Sabre are back in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. Testimony was scheduled to begin Monday in an antitrust trial that originally went AA’s way, but returned for a redo after an appellate court ruling about mistakes made with jury instructions.  An AA win could mean more…

Amadeus Pilots Solution To Better Compare Disparate Airline Offers

In addition to accessing relevant content when booking travel, making sense of offers and how they stack up continues to be a challenge. Amadeus is working with airlines, travel management companies and corporations to allow for predetermined values on the various components of bundled, branded or otherwise personalized air travel offers at the point of…

Delta Attack On SAP Concur Epitomizes Growing Impatience In Airline Distribution

With uncharacteristic bluntness, two key providers in corporate travel this month separately identified inhibitors to progress. A Delta distribution exec urged buyers to pressure SAP Concur to get its act together. Sabre leaders criticized widely used corporate airfare policies as archaic. And it’s not just them; perhaps the pandemic is a boon for plain speaking….

Expecting More Non-GDS Fares, Air Canada To Launch Tool For Travel Agencies To Service Direct Bookings And Access NDC

Air Canada 18 years ago debuted fare families, a response to low-cost competition that set off a revolution in airline pricing. The company’s decision shortly thereafter to make some fares exclusive to its direct channels augured similar moves more than a decade later by big carriers in Europe and elsewhere. Is Montréal changing the game…

Air Booking Displays Need To Accommodate Retailing, But How Is Anyone’s Guess

Airline distribution expert Cory Garner last week contemplated whether or not “product-based” airline displays were compatible with the indirect distribution channel favored by corporate travel programs. It’s very difficult, he said, and getting it done requires “a lot of alignment and consultation amongst the various stakeholders.” Those are not hallmarks of the historical relationships between…

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