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The Future Of Travel Management Companies: Part Two, The Value Of Compliance

As the corporate travel profession faces its greatest crisis, there has been much talk about the value of travel management companies. Their role was evident in how TMCs got people home when they were stranded. It goes beyond customer care, but it depends on visibility. Many corporate travel buyers said the pandemic strengthened the case…

Co-Founded By Former Concur Salespeople, Business Development Accelerator PartnerTap Gains Traction With Travel Management Companies

This one goes out to the suppliers and intermediaries in the audience.  Business development is always important, but especially now. Say you’re a travel management company and most of your clients are at less than 10 percent. It’s a good time to double down on getting more. The question is, how? A nearly four-year-old company…

World Travel Inc. Partners With Rome-Based Tech Firm For Reporting Chatbot

Few things jazz up Rock Blanco more than new platforms, which helps him stay cool in the face of trial and error. Such is the World Travel Inc. chief innovation officer’s relationship with Alexa, whom he had to dump for a friendlier dance partner. Now, World Travel is working with Rome-based Askdata on a conversational…

Travel Incorporated’s Voice Data Solution Nears Launch As Other Developers Show Mixed Enthusiasm

Georgia-based Travel Incorporated expects later this month to publish its voice-response assistant on Amazon’s Alexa Skills store. The product remained in the design stage for nearly two years as the travel management company learned how users interacted. Some other providers that built natural language technology reported tepid interest. It was an interactive storyboard concept that solved…

Want Data Insights? Travel Inc. Says Ask Alexa

Voice-assisted search is exploding, and along with it comes the opportunity for traveler service and transactions. What about data? A number of companies are looking into this, but Atlanta-based Travel Incorporated aims to be the first corporate travel provider to release a working product. Building off its proprietary reporting tool, Evolution, a new Travel Inc….

How Non-BSP Airlines Create Inefficiency For Travel Management

Informing clients of its new “high-cost” supplier expense recovery program, American Express Global Business Travel indicated $10 per transaction would apply not only to non-global distribution system participants, but also to airlines that are not in billing settlement plans like ARC. What’s ARC got to do with it? Booking managed corporate travel on airline websites…

2015 On The Company Dime

As they work for advantage, clients, suppliers and those in between keep business travel management interesting. Changes to underlying and consumer-facing technology make it a dynamic business function. The personal and geopolitical elements of business travel offer points of note from the micro to macro levels. As one of our featured practitioners noted, this job is about economics, geography, psychology and then some….

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