Is An All-Encompassing Mobility App Making A Comeback?

Ground transportation doesn’t get as much attention in managed travel programs as some other categories, but new tech that aggregates options for the various modes, as described in this article by John Surico, could have implications for productivity, distribution, duty of care and sustainability. Imagine an app on your smartphone in which every form of transportation…

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What Is A Flying Car?

By Cade Metz, a technology correspondent covering artificial intelligence, driverless cars, robotics and virtual reality, and Erin Griffith, who reports on technology startups and venture capital. It was sleek, cone-shaped, a little confusing — like something Hollywood would give a sci-fi villain for a quick getaway. It wasn’t a helicopter. And it wasn’t an airplane….


The Costly Pursuit Of Self-Driving Cars Continues On. And On.

Originally published on May 24, this article by The New York Times technology correspondent Cade Metz is shared here with permission as part of our licensing program. We welcome your comments below. It was seven years ago when Waymo discovered that spring blossoms made its self-driving cars get twitchy on the brakes. So did soap…


Travel Buyers Have Air, Car And Hotel Service Concerns: Availability, Capacity, Quality, Resiliency (Audio)

A trio of corporate travel buyers last week addressed their concerns about continuity in the travel supply chain, acknowledging that suppliers are in a rough spot. Hotel staffing is an issue. Would-be car renters can’t find cars. Airlines are more focused on leisure routes. Much of it is temporary, but potentially impactful to trip productivity…


Some Corporate Travel Providers Join The Fray Over New Voting Laws

Growing activism around controversial laws passed in recent weeks and seen by many as restricting voting prompted hundreds of business leaders across the country to condemn voter suppression. Some corporate travel service providers were among them, including American Airlines, American Express, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, Lyft, Marriott, Mastercard, SAP Concur, Uber and United Airlines. Pro-voting…


Ground Transport Companies Power Green Programs With Electric Vehicles, Micromobility

A pair of Europe-based ground transportation companies recently announced plans to speed up their transitions to electric vehicles. Meanwhile, Uber expanded its green program that charges passengers a bit more and pays drivers a bit more for rides in EVs. Many companies during the pandemic encourage employees to avoid public transport, if possible. Alternatives like…