Researchers: Take Breaks To Maximize Effectiveness Of International Business Travel 

Corporate policies and training programs should facilitate and encourage post-trip recovery to mitigate the ill effects of international business travel, according to new research. That could mean allowing extra time to deal with jet lag or personal tasks, encouraging relaxation during trips, establishing minimum rest periods between long-haul excursions or suggesting moratoria on work communications….

I Was A Manager In An Ageist Workplace

Travel sourcing manager-turned-career coach Lea McLeod told us last year that ageism was “alive and well in the job search market.” That also goes for the workplace generally. But even though it’s common, leaders can recognize and combat ageism to make organizations equitable, supportive and inclusive. In this article, Nicole D. Smith, editorial audience director…

Is Remote Work Actually Better For The Environment?

As remote-work models become increasingly popular, fewer of employees’ sustainability effects, including impacts from travel, are likely to take place under employers’ physical roofs. But they will still occur on their watch. Making work from home sustainable requires doing more than calculating a simple commute trade-off, according to Ganga Shreedharis, Kate Laffan and Laura M….

Op Ed: Dr. Robert Quigley On Prioritizing Emotional Health In The Workplace

Last week was Mental Illness Awareness Week, followed on October 10 by World Mental Health Day. To help mark the occasion, International SOS SVP Dr. Robert Quigley weighed in on why and how organizations should recognize and support employees’ emotional health. The Covid-19 crisis has put employee health, particularly emotional health, at the forefront of…

There’s No One Right Path To Work-Life Balance — But Plenty Of Wrong Ones

By Niki Hall, CMO of Contentsquare, a digital experience analytics company. The road to “work-life balance” is a near-guaranteed path to failure. Hear me out. For years now, we’ve heard endless discussions on how to make work-life balance a reality, and time and time again, we see those concepts challenged, redefined, and downright labeled an…

How I Navigate Networking Events As A Person Who Doesn’t Drink

By Haley Moss, an autistic attorney, author and neurodiversity advocate. “Are you sure you just want a Diet Coke?,” a colleague says to me almost every time we’re at a networking event, motioning toward the bartender or glancing at the glass of wine in their hand. This routine is fairly common to me: Grab a…

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