Cost Vs. Comfort
Dec. 8 at 12 pm EST

Thanks to all our attendees and speakers!

Listen to a recording of the live teleconference.

During Teleconference 4, Nvidia senior global travel manager Karoline Mayr, tClara managing partner Scott Gillespie and Carlson Wagonlit Travel Solutions Group vice president Christophe Renard discussed how to balance cost and comfort in business travel.

Other highlights included David Jonas reporting on the emergence of Basic Economy fares and DUFL co-founder and CMO Andrea Graziani taking questions about her company’s clothes laundering and delivery service.

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In travel management, ’twas ever thus: “Yes we can save 20 percent, but we’ll have to fly in economy.”

teleconference-logo-webDuring the past decade, procurement put a laser focus on spending. But at what cost?

Given the emerging appreciation for wellness and productivity, corporations are assessing the potentially negative impact of their frugality. What are the limits of self-service? How far is too far for traveler centricity? What are suppliers doing to improve the experience?