NDC In Corporate Travel
April 13, 2017

Many in the business travel community know the general idea behind the International Air Transport Association’s New Distribution Capability. It’s not only for direct channels. It could improve access to airline services. What else does NDC mean for corporate travel providers and programs? When is it coming?

Listen to a recording of the live teleconference.

Tackling these and other questions were Festive Road managing partner Caroline Strachan with NDC Travel Manager Advisory Group members Pascal Struyve (Ingersoll Rand global travel, fleet and meeting services director) and David Weaver (Bechtel Corporation manager of travel procurement).


Strachan delivered a primer on what NDC is and what it’s not. It’s not another distribution channel, she said. It’s not a new technology. Rather, it is a standardized language and an enabler of efficiency, differentiation and even corporate recognition.

For Struyve and Weaver, NDC is about traveler service, refined airline relationships and a level playing field among distribution channels. They said it would prod travel management companies, online booking tool providers and other partners to move past transactions and on to “service intelligence.”

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