Mobile Technology
March 9, 2017

It’s everywhere, so what’s next for mobile technology in corporate travel? Our expert panel discussed the status quo, keys to creating a mobile strategy, the possible impact of mobile self-service on jobs and operations, and emerging functions like chatbots.

Listen to a recording of the live teleconference.

This episode featured American Express Global Business Travel vice president Evan Konwiser, Festive Road associate Aurélie Krau, head of Sabre Labs Mark McSpadden, BCD Travel VP Will Pinnell and Roadmap CEO and co-founder Jeroen van Velzen.

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More On Teleconference 7:

Mobile technology is part of everyone’s life. It’s crucial especially for traveling businesspeople. But it feels like it’s still in its infancy. The possibilities seem endless.

tcd-teleconference-featuredOf course, our devices now can handle planning, booking and itinerary management. And they’ll get better at it as providers — incumbents and plenty of new-entrants — fine-tune services. There’s also collaboration among colleagues, engagement between employers and employees, virtual payment applications, trip disruption services, risk management and on and on. It’s not hard to envision phones and tablets playing a role in pretty much every aspect of managed travel programs and an individual’s own travel experience.

When new developments like artificial intelligence and chatbots take hold, they’ll do so via mobile devices.