Online Booking Tools
Nov. 10, 2016

Thanks to all our attendees and speakers!

Listen to a recording of the live teleconference.

Highlights of Teleconference 3 included Jay Campbell’s observations of the US Airways v. Sabre trial and Upside chairman Jay Walker taking questions about his business travel proposition for small and medium enterprises.

Microsoft global travel and venue group lead Eric Bailey, Dart Container travel services manager Cheryl Benjamin, Deem chief commercial officer Tony D’Astolfo and Travelport group vice president Scott Hyden discussed the productivity and monetization challenges for corporate booking tools.

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More On Teleconference 3:

Corporate self-booking tools get no respect. Some of that may be deserved. With greater investment in consumer systems, corporate applications look relatively clunky. They can be slow. They might lack content.

teleconference-logo-webThat there are legitimate reasons for much of that doesn’t always ease the communications and marketing burden for corporate travel professionals.

Perhaps there is reason for hope. It seems like activity in the segment is on the rise. American Express Global Business Travel is acquiring KDS. Amadeus is relaunching its offering. Sabre is revamping its approach with GetThere. Deem is new again. There are some new entrants.

On mobile, these companies and others have an opportunity to literally rewrite their purpose.