Traveler Engagement
Feb. 9, 2017

Thanks to all our attendees and speakers!

Listen to a recording of the live teleconference.

A big part of travel management is traveler management, or it should be. Our sixth teleconference featured four practitioners discussing the tools, metrics, benefits and challenges of traveler engagement. Speakers: Festive Road associate Mia Andersson, Shire senior global travel procurement manager Mary Batal, Microsoft global employee engagement and user experience lead Julia Fidler and Advito principal and vice president Lesley O’Bryan.

Background On Teleconference 6:


We all have access to more information than ever, and we are as finicky as ever. For corporate travel managers, this presents a big challenge. Keeping travelers compliant, productive and healthy — and making sure they don’t jump ship for a job with cushier travel — requires two-way communication across various channels.

This gets into the culture of an organization and the methods it and its suppliers use to interact. Social networks. Mobile communications. Crowdsourcing. Surveys. Focus groups. Travel councils. Travel program marketing. A lot goes into effective traveler engagement. Once feedback is collected, travel program managers can do all kinds of things with it.