[UPDATE, Oct., 2020: Corporate Travel Management acquired Tramada .”]

Travel agency automation firm Tramada Systems has begun looking to ARC-accredited corporate travel departments for its next opportunities in North America. Partnering with the world’s leading expense and corporate booking company, SAP Concur, should help.

Australia-based Tramada offers back office and related tools to travel management companies including Australia’s Corporate Travel Management and U.S.-based Tower Travel Management. Last month it joined with SAP Concur on a global basis, building on an existing relationship in Asia/Pacific.

The expansion offers “new networks of referral and partnership,” according to the companies. It helps reassure clients about standardized integration with preferred booking and expense systems. It also includes integration with Concur’s TripLink supplier website booking capability as well as the Concur Compleat mid-office technology popular among TMCs and its risk management solution.

According to Tramada and its users, the system benefits TMC operations through improved agent productivity, cleaner data and better profile synchronization.

“The Tramada system is already delivering on its promise to enhance agent productivity,” according to Tower president and CEO John Smith. “Not only has the software made our business processes more productive and efficient overall, it has freed our agents from many manual, repetitive tasks.”

Tramada entered the U.S. market in the summer of 2017, and now claims “several” customers there.

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