Covid Cancellations Sank Original TravelPerk Flexibility Program, But With Tweaks It Endures

TravelPerk in April 2020 lost money on its flexibility program. The Barcelona-based travel management company's FlexiPerk option had promised participating clients recovery of at least 90 percent of spending on canceled travel. Customers paid ten cents for each dollar spent on trips.

Early in the pandemic, anticipating that cancellation rates would stabilize at averages higher than those seen in 2019, the company lowered its minimum return commitment to 80 percent for new program users.

"Everybody else canceled any 'insurance' kind of product," according to . . .

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Jay Campbell

Author: Jay Campbell

Jay Campbell in 2004 created travel business newsletter The Beat, in 2006 co-founded Travel Procurement magazine and in 2010 integrated them with Business Travel News. He served as editorial director until 2013. Jay made his travel industry media debut in 1993 at the Air Travel Journal of Boston while earning his undergraduate degree in journalism at Boston University.
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