Traxo designed its newest product feature to appeal to those with middling data management savvy and resources. Giving clients another way to visualize and report on their travel program activity, the Data Explorer can populate spreadsheets with information from TMCs, supplier websites and other sources for easy viewing and exporting.

Traxo already offers a reporting tool to present data captured from off-channel bookings, the company’s raison d’être. That tool, though, has limitations, according to Traxo executives.

Chief product officer Matt Griffin described a spectrum of reporting capabilities in the market. On the less sophisticated side are simple reports available for download from various sources. Those sources might be OTAs and direct-book small business programs offered by airlines, hotels and car rental firms. Getting to all those sources, grabbing the data and putting it into consistent formats can take hours or days, he said. Some companies dedicate analysts to the task.

Traxo’s pre-existing Console dashboard “is great for reviewing bookings,” Griffin said. “The challenge is you have to sign in, pick a report and data range, download the file and still go through the process of merging things together. It’s not the best solution.” 

Traxo built Console for those who extract data for use in their own business intelligence tools.

Those BI tools are on the opposite side of the spectrum. Companies that use the likes of Domo, DVI and Tableau generally are larger, with more money and people resources available for data management, according to Griffin.

The new service addresses the middle at no additional charge.

Meanwhile, Traxo last week announced that Fox World Travel became the first TMC to connect to Traxo’s off-channel data capture technology.

“Once live, the non-TMC booking and spend data aggregated by Traxo is instantly available to the corporate’s TMC via online reporting tools and API integration,” according to Traxo information. “The TMC can then consolidate that additional data into their own applications and support services as desired.”

In that case, the TMC would do normalization themselves. Or, they can leverage Data Explorer. A TMC can “really minimize development investment to incorporate this data into their existing tools,” Griffin said. “Especially now in the TMC world, where there is a high bar for new projects because resources are tight, this is a fast way to get at the data.”

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