Uber for Business is still trying to figure out how much to charge corporate clients. After appearing to settle on a 10 percent charge for its “premium” service, which corporate buyers told The Company Dime they didn’t really value, Fortune last month reported that the company added the fee for non-premium business users, too.

This followed an August Uber announcement about adding new policy control features to its business program. Business Travel News quoted an Uber executive as saying the options would come with no added fee. However, the latest messaging to Uber for Business customers paints a different picture about the “new” Uber for Business:

“This new version is a premium product where a service fee applies but you can use it for free starting today. We anticipate sending you more information on pricing by December 31, 2017, and will notify you before any change in price.”

It’s not clear whether that would be in addition to the 10 percent charge. We have contacted Uber for an explanation.

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