Author: Alan Tyson

A graduate of the University of Rochester with a degree in Philosophy, Alan Tyson quickly failed as a writer. He was, however, good at taking tests. The Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis offered him a job as a computer programmer which Alan reluctantly accepted and his career in IT was off and running! Well, maybe it was more of a jog ... It wasn't that Alan couldn't program. He was actually quite talented. The problem was that he was a lousy employee. After leaving the Commerce Department, to the relief of all, he joined Control Data Corporation (the predecessor of Ceridian) where he developed one of the first microcomputer-based accounting systems. Alan later founded Databasics, a software-as-a-service provider of expense reporting and time tracking solutions, where he continues to serve as CEO. Alan is married, has a daughter and lives in Great Falls, Va. Find more info on the Databasics blog, LinkedIn page and Twitter feed.

Op Ed: Alan Tyson And Marcel Syriani On A C (Level) Change For Employee Expense Management

Databasics CEO Alan Tyson and CTO Marcel Syriani examine what clients’ employees have been expensing during the pandemic and recommend a new focus on managing remote resources. Some time back, to better identify market trends, we developed an expense reporting index. We thought we would share some of the more interesting things it shows us…

Op Ed: Alan Tyson On Boycotting The Dorchester Collection

Not one to avoid opining on social topics, Databasics CEO Alan Tyson today addresses another. This time he (sort of) commended big companies that ended their patronage of hotels owned by the Brunei Investment Agency, an entity controlled by the Brunei government, which recently enacted new policies that violate human rights. Even if the motives…

Op Ed: Alan Tyson On ‘Me Too,’ A Wake-Up Call For Business Travel

Today’s From The Field contribution could not be more timely — or serious. It came to us the day before news broke of alleged gender discrimination and sexual harassment at a corporate travel agency. In this submission, Databasics CEO Alan Tyson calls on those involved in sending employees on the road to better recognize and…

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