Getting all the relevant, bookable inventory in front of business travelers is a never-ending challenge. Airlines, hotels and other suppliers constantly tinker with their products and pricing, and usually favor direct distribution over more costly third-party channels. That creates complexity in business travel technology.

Some examples of our coverage
• Commissions and other remuneration
• Industry rules of thumb and trade secrets from the US Airways v. Sabre and U.S. v. Sabre trials
• Such newer concepts as New Distribution Capability and personalization

BCD Travel Ditches Travelport

BCD Travel is moving to two global distribution system partners from three, focusing on Amadeus and Sabre while leaving out Travelport. “We have a high regard for Travelport, but we’re confident that the direction we’ve taken is the right one for our business and our customers,” according to a statement attributed to Thane Jackson, BCD…

Airline Contracts Are Complex But Applying Them Need Not Be Inefficient, Developers Say

Travel management companies want to maximize revenues, corporate program managers want smooth servicing and no one wants debit memos. New integration between a pair of travel tech firms hopes to accomplish all of that and address some of the challenges of alternative airline distribution models. The key is using automation to overcome airline contract complexity….

Airline Website Booking For Managed Travel Is One Way To Go

San Diego — Stanford University about two years ago enabled contracted United Airlines rates delivered on the carrier’s website to registered travelers who indicate they’re planning a work trip. Whether a burgeoning model or just another tool in the kit, the program is a work in progress, according to Stanford travel relationship manager Janet Wyer….

Spotnana Integrates With American Airlines To ‘Personalize’ Offers

Travel tech startup Spotnana several weeks ago activated “advanced,” direct integration with American Airlines to give travelers and agents booking and full post-ticketing capabilities, ARC/BSP settlement and access to new products. By using the airline’s NDC-compliant application programming interface from Accelya, the pair went live with offers that are not currently available in Sabre. “We…

Op Ed: Tony D’Astolfo On NDC And Dominus Vobiscum 

Following his intimate involvement in an award-winning NDC corporate travel program, Tony D’Astolfo of Serko, in his unique way, spotlights one of the unsolved issues: the economics. Many have debated whether airline distribution evolution is mainly about the technology or the money. Both matter. They say you should never talk politics or religion. These days…

Reporter’s Notebook: At GBTA, New Airline Distribution Disenchants

San Diego — Education sessions at the Global Business Travel Association’s annual convention last month had a few main themes, with risk, sustainability and payment getting lots of attention. Distribution also enjoyed significant airtime, but not the hotel or car rental kind. Airline distribution sessions were packed.  For many, the prevailing feeling was that the…

Following Move To Amadeus, Gant Travel Signs Aimendo For Text Automation

San Diego — Gant Travel Management in 2020 migrated from Travelport’s Apollo to Amadeus, becoming one of the top North America-based corporate travel management companies for the Madrid-based global distribution system operator. Enticing Gant were new Amadeus scripting capabilities and other workflow improvements made possible by “advancements” in connectivity to the TMC’s tech stack, including…

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