No one has all the answers but it’s nice to connect.

Join The Company Dime’s community for a unique conference call on what’s new in travel management, what’s new in business life and what’s in the news, produced by The Company Dime co-founders Jay Campbell and David Jonas. Call it the anti-infomercial.

We’ll have guest speakers on pre-planned topics and group discussions, including news meetings in which we highlight issues for potential coverage in The Company Dime and ask who wants to comment.

Borrowing elements from seminars, radio shows, news conferences and public forums, this is a conference call, not a video call. It will be recorded and transcribed, and it is all on the record. It’s designed for sharing and networking, but also to infuse our planned articles with smart commentary.

Coming soon: registration for the first episode. First-come, first-served for subscribers to We’ll post recordings for all subscribers.

For the archive of our 2016-2019 Teleconference series (v1), click here.