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Some examples
• Our coverage of GBTA and industry events
• The 570: Accounts of the pandemic’s toll on corporate travel jobs
• Collaboration, culture and remote work
• The evolving roles of various industry professionals
• Best practices and tips for leadership
• Diversity in the workplace
• Outsourcing and other alternative servicing configurations
• Industry advocacy and education

Op Ed: Tony O’Connor On A Rethink For Buyer Associations

Consultant Tony O’Connor updates his thinking on industry associations with a new twist as he perceives a great realignment in buyer-supplier dynamics. Travel buyer associations are an important part of the business travel landscape. They are the vehicle that can enable disparate buyers to join forces and have a say in the issues and changes…

Looking To Meet An Acute Need, ASTA Creates Corporate Travel Agent Training

The American Society of Travel Advisors this month plans to offer training for those interested in the corporate travel agency environment. ASTA SVP of industry affairs and education Mark Meader called it a “missing component in the industry today.”  Travel management companies do their own training, but the industry needs all the help it can…

Notebook: To Outsource Or Not, A Travel Management Question

When McKinsey in 2020 talked about travel management as a candidate for outsourcing, readers shot back.  “Be curious to hear how the travel management team at McKinsey feels about this,” wrote Alō Index co-founder Leanne Turner, between jobs at the time after a pandemic layoff.  “For McKinsey to say [a] full transformation initiative would save…

TMCs Still Need More People, GBTA Poll Finds

Ninety percent of about 60 travel management company personnel polled in January by GBTA expected their firms to increase staff size in 2023 compared with last year. Forty-six percent said their companies were still smaller than they were before Covid. TMC staffing shortages and resulting service problems are not as widespread as they were several…

Dispatch 2

Before the pandemic, American Airlines crowed about adding to its sales force and growing market share in corporate travel. Conditions have changed. Both corporate travel and airline capacity growth are depressed. Improving profitability and paying down debt are top priorities. After cutting back last year on customer benefits including perks and discounts, now AA is saying goodbye to its…

The Emotional Toll Of Frontline Labor

For more than two decades, Alicia Grandey, a professor of psychology at Penn State, has been studying how the mistreatment of frontline service workers affects their health and productivity. The behavior she examines ranges from verbal abuse to racial or sexual harassment. She also looks at ambiguous circumstances, in which it’s unclear whether any harm…

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