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BCD Travel Denies Discrimination Allegations, Countersues In Blough Case

BCD Travel on Tuesday responded in federal court to Trudy Blough’s complaint, denying many allegations and providing some supporting details. In an apparent departure from how the company dealt with a similar discrimination suit by another senior female sales leader, which did not reach trial, it also countersued. In the new filing, BCD denied claims…

Ex-Exec Sues BCD Travel For Gender Discrimination, Contract Breach

Former BCD Travel vice president of global sales Trudy Blough sued the company, alleging breach of contract and violations of the Civil Rights Act and Equal Pay Act. Currently a global sales director for American Express Global Business Travel, Blough worked at BCD Travel from 2012 and was promoted to VP in 2018. According to…

Dispatch 7

On the boards of a set of 14 business travel suppliers tracked by The Company Dime, female representation doubled between 2012 and 2023 to 30 percent. One of them has a woman serving as chair, the same number in that role among the group as in 2017 and 2012. The number of female CEOs in…

Poll: Artificial Intelligence Emerging Slowly For Travel Buyers

A GBTA survey this month of more than 300 travel buyers found that 6 percent were using artificial intelligence in their programs, and 7 percent saw it as a top priority for 2024. One-third called it “important but not a top priority” for next year, while 37 percent said it was “low/no” priority and 16…

The Pittsburgh Business Travel Association Is Still An Island

Sources in and around GBTA’s 36 U.S. chapters described relationships between local groups and the global organization as amicable. There’s interest in creating new chapters, including one in Nevada. For the Pittsburgh Business Travel Association, though, a nearly nine-year-old rift has outlasted multiple GBTA administrations.  That PBTA is not a chapter has not significantly hindered…

Op Ed: Tony O’Connor On A Rethink For Buyer Associations

Consultant Tony O’Connor updates his thinking on industry associations with a new twist as he perceives a great realignment in buyer-supplier dynamics. Travel buyer associations are an important part of the business travel landscape. They are the vehicle that can enable disparate buyers to join forces and have a say in the issues and changes…

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