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Op Ed: Matthew Newton On Removing Algorithmic Bias In Pursuit Of Equitable Travel

Having seen up close the dangers of algorithmic bias in artificial intelligence, CWT’s Matthew Newton has some suggestions for risk mitigation. Artificial intelligence is being deployed at scale in business travel management, with algorithms changing the game for service consistency, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. But this watershed moment threatens to unleash a monster. Algorithmic bias in…

Amex GBT Describes Cybersecurity Practices, Takes On Binding Corporate Rules For Data Transfers

American Express Global Business Travel’s executives get quarterly updates on cyber risks monitored by the company, according to a new section in its annual report, filed Wednesday. The company regularly tests its systems for vulnerabilities and provides all employees with cybersecurity awareness training, including information on company policies and procedures for reporting incidents. GBT also…

Notebook: Searching For Better Travel Data, International SOS Endorses Spotnana

As part of its mission to support client employees’ safety, security and well-being, risk management firm International SOS processes 20 million passenger name records a week. Between 1.5 percent and 2 percent have errors, according to the firm’s global travel industry relations VP, Wendy Stachowiak. That’s a lot. But with some new mutual clients using…

Dispatch 9

Reaction: Responding to Scott Gillespie’s Op Ed on how today’s corporate travel market demands “long-sighted travel policies” prioritizing value and sustainability over traditional cost-cutting, readers generally agreed with the need for change. Microsoft’s Eric Bailey echoed the goal of reducing emissions and minimizing low-value trips but suggested different methods. He recommended carbon taxes and budget…

‘Something Went Wrong’ With SAP Concur Logins Last Week 

On Jan. 2, when some users tried to log in to SAP Concur for expense or travel, they encountered a “Sorry, something went wrong” error. Multiple services, also including invoicing, imaging and analysis/intelligence, suffered from degradation, according to the company’s status dashboard. SAP Concur was working to address a potentially serious issue, which it described…

Travel Risk Firms Warn Of Growing, Multifaceted Dangers

Geopolitical tensions, cybersecurity threats and the impact of climate change topped 2024 watchlists and predictions published during the past two months by several travel risk management providers. Even as armed conflict grows in multiple locations around the globe for the first time in decades, there’s also consensus that travel program managers should beware of domestic…

Dispatch 8

With cost savings from NDC “not turning out to be what it was meant to be,” Air France’s chief commercial officer last week lambasted American Airlines‘ distribution plan. “American Airlines is leading the way — they think they’re leading the way — in new distribution strategies,” said Angus Clarke during an Air France-KLM Group investor…

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