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Tools Emerge To Help Travelers, Buyers And Bosses Decide Whether To Go Or Stay

To stay or go? To meet and how? What’s it worth? Risk calculators from academics and others are helping members of the general population make up their minds about going out and doing things. Decision fatigue applies to business development, networking and training as much as it does holiday family gatherings. If you have had…

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GM Rolls Out SAP Concur Globally, Considers Pre-Trip Approval

Automaker General Motors is shooting for a “world-class travel and expense operation” after this year bringing SAP Concur’s Travel to 19 countries and Expense to 29.  While the travel management program is decades old, the $123 billion company had not quite established its travel and reimbursement processes across all markets with employees. With that and…

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Travel Manager Leads Cross-Department Project To Look After Remote Workers

If you asked EPAM Systems director of global travel, expense and credit card Donna Rufo last November what kept her up at night, she would have said employees working outside their home countries without the company’s knowledge. These scenarios raise insurance, tax and immigration concerns, potentially leaving workers unsupported and employers exposed to financial and…

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Companies Rework Systems For Sanctioning Business Travel

What some once saw as largely penny-pinching paperwork, pre-trip approval now is a crucial component for assessing risk and determining how best to accomplish missions. It’s also helping to bring sustainability to the fore. Increasingly, organizations apply the process on all proposed trips. More also scrutinize trips before travelers book. Who does the approving is changing,…


New In Domestic Travel Risk Assessments: Sobering Hospital Stats

On top of worries about contracting Covid, employees and employers can’t forget that car accidents, heart attacks and other emergencies happen during business travel. Hospital capacity wasn’t traditionally a factor that U.S. corporates needed to consider for domestic trips, but that’s all changed with intensive care units now at or near capacity in several states….

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Reporter’s Notebook: Buyers Muse On The Keys To Corporate Travel Management’s Future

Industry observers can’t resist the temptation to speculate on what new or revived business habits are permanent or how the travel manager role will change. Corporate travel buyers and other experts speaking during a pair of July 20 virtual events offered their best guesses about the processes and dynamics that will outlast the end of…

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Corporate Travel Buyers On What They Need From TMCs, How They’re Working With Suppliers And Why Policies Changed (Video)

According to a pair of travel managers who recently completed RFPs for travel management company services, the traveler experience was a bigger priority than ever before. That stands to reason during a pandemic that is focusing organizations’ attention on their people. Other components of a TMC’s offering that always were important to buyers, like content…