Much of the rationale for a managed travel program is providing appropriate and satisfactory service to corporate travelers. That means working with airlines, hotels, ground transport firms, travel management companies, tech providers and others to optimize each step of a trip, from booking and planning through to post-trip reports and surveys.

Coverage areas include:
• Travel agents, both real and virtual
• Employee engagement
Mobile technologies for travelers
• Variability in hotel services
Personalizing travel
Visa processing travel

Southwest Aims To Soothe A Corporate Travel Headache: Changes

Due out this spring, the Southwest Business TravelTrack service aims to mitigate a growing challenge for corporate travel programs — missing data from changed itineraries. Bookings originally made through online booking tools and global distribution systems, as supported by travel management companies, often end up getting changed directly with airlines when flights are disrupted. Those…

In Two Big Travel Management Company Accessibility Programs, No Extra Charge

Serving people with disabilities may cost more for travel management companies, but two big ones said clients won’t be asked to cover that. CWT is poised to unveil a new accessibility program. American Express Global Business Travel announced one in December. Amex GBT director of global VIP strategy Penny Clauson runs her company’s service, which…

Op Ed: Jeff Klee On Not-So-Unintended Consequences Of Traditional TMC Pricing

The always vocal Jeff Klee, CEO of AmTrav, revisits the thorny issue of travel management company pricing. Even travel buyers who feel it needs to change and would like to address longstanding issues of trust aren’t sold on the potential solutions. A friend of mine had a “WTF” moment the other day and called to…

Op Ed: Brandon Strauss On A Skeptic’s View Of Generative Artificial Intelligence 

Brandon Strauss of CapTrav and KesselRun Corporate Travel Solutions explains why he’s in “watch and learn” mode when it comes to generative artificial intelligence.  Claude Shannon, a computer scientist and founder of information theory, published “A Mathematical Theory of Communication” in 1948, which defined how messages are carried from sender to receiver. This theory became…

Op Ed: Bryan Holmes On Next-Gen Corporate Travel Service Level Agreements And KPIs

Consultant Bryan Holmes dissects the components of thoughtful service level agreements in corporate travel management company relationships. Imagine you are a doctor faced with a patient exhibiting puzzling symptoms and debilitating pain. In this critical moment, where effective decision-making is key to relief, you would turn to a blend of clinical evaluation (gathering symptoms) and…

Dispatch 8

With cost savings from NDC “not turning out to be what it was meant to be,” Air France’s chief commercial officer last week lambasted American Airlines‘ distribution plan. “American Airlines is leading the way — they think they’re leading the way — in new distribution strategies,” said Angus Clarke during an Air France-KLM Group investor…

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