Business travel is all about productivity — whether that relates to its fundamental use for more efficient collaboration, guarding against bureaucracy to ensure seamless collaboration, or generally purchasing the right services at the right prices so trip missions deliver the most value. It also means helping employees avoid getting bogged down in post-trip red tape. The coverage below digs into issues, processes, tools and tricks.

Some examples
• The movement of services to mobile devices and/or chatbots
• Stories about expedited airport screening and business travel’s ROI
• Trends like artificial intelligence and rewards
• The pandemic-era struggle to avoid quarantines

Op Ed: Tony D’Astolfo On Getting Business Travelers Resigned To The Great Resignation

Serko’s Tony D’Astolfo is always ready to serve his two cents with a smile. There’s been a lot of talk about the Great Resignation. And while we could debate why it’s happening, something not up for debate is how hard the travel industry has been hit by it. Hospitality executives lament the difficulty of replacing…

Exploring The Metaverse

According to a BCD Travel paper published last month, travel companies “cannot ignore” the metaverse and some already are engaging with it despite confusion, hype and skepticism. The report suggested travel managers may harness virtual reality to “inspect and experience the products they’re offering” to traveling employees, “steer traveler booking behaviors,” help relieve travel stress…

Tripism’s Corporate Travel Communications Platform Surpasses Pre-Covid Peak

The picture may be getting clearer, but the pandemic temporarily made it impossible for corporate travel buyers to predict where and when company employees would be traveling — much less staying, eating or meeting. Shedding light on this is becoming one of the more appreciated benefits of a U.K.-based tech firm that set out in…

Why A Not-So-Hot Economy Might Be Good News

Recessions are typically bad for travel and weak corporate profitability is normally bad for business travel. But these times of unleashed demand are anomalous for transportation, hospitality and corporate collaboration. Should travel professionals be concerned about a broader recession? It’s hard to say, but maybe not so much. Ben Casselman writes that, generally speaking, as…

What’s Going On With The Testing Requirement For Travel?

Covid vaccine and testing requirements for international travel have become less onerous overall, but not for everyone, notably inbound travelers to the United States. It’s more to know before you go, causing confusion and upping stress levels — for travelers and service providers. The rules also continue to stymie tourism and trade, according to groups…

Researchers: Take Breaks To Maximize Effectiveness Of International Business Travel 

Corporate policies and training programs should facilitate and encourage post-trip recovery to mitigate the ill effects of international business travel, according to new research. That could mean allowing extra time to deal with jet lag or personal tasks, encouraging relaxation during trips, establishing minimum rest periods between long-haul excursions or suggesting moratoria on work communications….

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