Business travel is all about productivity — whether that relates to its fundamental use for more efficient collaboration, guarding against bureaucracy to ensure seamless collaboration, or generally purchasing the right services at the right prices so trip missions deliver the most value. It also means helping employees avoid getting bogged down in post-trip red tape. The coverage below digs into issues, processes, tools and tricks.

Some examples
• The movement of services to mobile devices and/or chatbots
• Stories about expedited airport screening and business travel’s ROI
• Trends like artificial intelligence and rewards
• The pandemic-era struggle to avoid quarantines

What’s Going On With The Testing Requirement For Travel?

Covid vaccine and testing requirements for international travel have become less onerous overall, but not for everyone, notably inbound travelers to the United States. It’s more to know before you go, causing confusion and upping stress levels — for travelers and service providers. The rules also continue to stymie tourism and trade, according to groups…

Researchers: Take Breaks To Maximize Effectiveness Of International Business Travel 

Corporate policies and training programs should facilitate and encourage post-trip recovery to mitigate the ill effects of international business travel, according to new research. That could mean allowing extra time to deal with jet lag or personal tasks, encouraging relaxation during trips, establishing minimum rest periods between long-haul excursions or suggesting moratoria on work communications….

Rethinking Your Approach To The Employee Experience

According to research, employee engagement has been flat for years, affecting recruitment and retention. This has been a big topic in travel management lately as organizations try to craft policies and programs that keep workers productive and comfortable while on the road. In general, according to this article from Harvard Business Review, companies should focus…

New Consultancy Targets Improved Travel Accessibility

Diversity, equity and inclusion efforts have been getting a lot of attention recently, but physical and psychological disabilities continue to make travel more difficult for millions, according to the founders of a new consultancy. They argue that the travel industry is overdue in recognizing and better accommodating this large and growing population. Accessible travel advocate…

Op Ed: Sam Hilgendorf On The Role Of Self-Sovereign Identification In Travel

Glimpsing backward and forward, Fox World Travel chief information officer Sam Hilgendorf offers a primer on how self-sovereign identification works and a description of how it will impact business travel. When was the last time you felt in full control of your identity and personal information? For me, it was around 1997. I had my…

5 Challenges Of Hybrid Work — And How To Overcome Them

The transition to work-from-home and now to hybrid work arrangements requires a cross-departmental effort. In some cases, travel management teams help coordinate with employees who are not always in the office. Helping to keep those employees engaged and effective means tackling challenges related to communications, coordination, connection, creativity and culture, according to this article by…

Finance And Professional Services Perk Up But Still Trail In Large-Market Recovery

U.S. corporate travel has recovered to between 60 percent and 70 percent of pre-pandemic levels, with solid momentum continuing this spring, according to various sources. The rebound hasn’t been uniform, with small businesses and domestic trips still far outpacing large corporate and international, though the gaps are narrowing. Fresh industry data show strength in life…

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