Risk for travelers, their employers and travel suppliers takes many forms. Coverage in this area explores the myriad threats and considerations, disciplines built around them (like travel risk management), providers that help mitigate and respond, and internal policies and processes.

Some examples
Duty of care
Hotel security
• Internal and external fraud
Cybersecurity, privacy and data protection
• How Covid vaccines impact travel
• Using
 pre-trip approvals
• Traveler wellness
• Traveler safety and security
Trafficking, sexual assault and discrimination 

It Costs $30 And Saves Lives. Why Don’t Many Hotels Install Carbon Monoxide Alarms?

Travel risk management pros vetting hotel safety often examine on-site security personnel and resources, crime rates in the surrounding areas and, more recently, hygiene protocols. Fire safety also is a big item, but requirements for carbon monoxide detectors vary across jurisdictions and hotel brands. They are not mandated for Airbnb hosts unless they’re listing in…

Op Ed: Claire Langford On How Expanded Risk Offers Opportunities To Improve Duty Of Care

One of the pandemic’s silver linings has been greater awareness of and attention to corporate duty of care. According to Claire Langford, a veteran travel buyer and former TMC program manager now with CoreTrust Purchasing Group, organizations taking a broader view of employee wellbeing can not only mitigate risk, but also improve recruiting and retention….

Can Technology Help Cities Manage Curbs Better?

Business travelers returning to the streets and sidewalks of familiar destinations after a few years may find lots of changes. The explosion in the use of micromobility options like scooters, the prevalence of rideshare services and the growing popularity of food delivery, for example, have led to some congestion and confusion. According to this article…

Headlines Raise Red Flags For International Travel Risk Management

What do the forthcoming World Cup in Qatar, a WNBA superstar and a murdered journalist’s lawyer have in common? As cautionary tales involving international travel and local laws stricter than most Westerners experience, they should be on the radar of those involved in travel risk management. The lawyer is Asim Ghafoor, a U.S. citizen detained…

Embarrassing, Uncomfortable And Risky: What Flying Is Like For Passengers Who Use Wheelchairs

The New York Times chronicled the domestic trip of a passenger who uses a wheelchair and found that air travel in the United States can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and perilous. Meanwhile at the Global Business Travel Association convention, seminar attendees this week heard about new survey results on accessibility in business travel. Consultancy Accessio said…

Op Ed: Legaroo’s Alex Thompson On Considerations For The Corporate Digital Nomad

Alex Thompson, founder and CEO of legal support provider Legaroo, thinks the digital nomad lifestyle is “wonderful.” He’s also got some words of caution. _________ The growing, geographically free lifestyle of digital nomads challenges companies to update their recruiting, legal and risk procedures. The trend is part of  business travel’s evolution since these employees work…

Companies Scramble To Work Out Policies Related To Employee Abortions

Some companies will cover travel and other expenses for employees seeking abortions out of state, but as Emma Goldberg writes, ensuring safety and confidentiality is no small task. There is no clear blueprint for corporate engagement on abortion. After numerous companies came forward to announce that they would cover travel expenses for their employees to…

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