The Company Dime’s Buyers Council

Established in 2015, our Buyers Council is an informal networking group that discusses industry issues, shares intel and explores ways to improve our products and services. Members are travel managers/travel buyers only. To request membership, subscribers may email us here.

The Buyers Council keeps us honest. We designed The Company Dime to be entirely reader-funded and the Council has reminded us and assured us that they prefer this approach over sponsorships or advertising. Many buyers believe the industry needs an independent voice.

The Council advises us on business initiatives, articles to explore and topics to address in our event appearances.

A Council member may serve indefinitely, as long as they are a travel manager or buyer and a paying subscriber. We hold frequent, optional conference calls. Can’t make it? No big deal. Can’t stay the whole time? No worries. Don’t want us to quote you in our articles? Not a problem, we won’t.

We also ask our Council members to respond to surveys and, in some cases, volunteer as a designated speaker on the conference calls when specific topics require a deep dive.

The Buyers Council is a partnership that helps deliver value to all subscribers.