In partnership with Festive Road, The Company Dime’s Jay Campbell and David Jonas chat with experts about business travel and expense management news, best practices and emerging options.

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Teleconference 20
United’s Dave Hilfman, May 10, 2018
The industry has the full-time attention of one of its favorite sons for a few more months. Before he heads off to retirement, United Airlines SVP for worldwide sales Dave Hilfman will stop in for an hour-long conversation. Join us as we attempt to glean pearls of wisdom from an industry icon without laughing too hard. With guest interviewer Mary Ellen George.

Teleconference 21
Egencia President Rob Greyber, June 14, 2018
We’ll interview Egencia president Rob Greyber about how the corporate travel component of behemoth Expedia differs from other travel management companies and how the competitive landscape is changing. We’ll also get his thoughts on a range of other industry topics. Festive Road’s Caroline Strachan will join us as guest interviewer.


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“Congratulations on what I thought was a great Teleconference. The content and candor of all the speakers was exactly what we have come to expect and appreciate from The Company Dime. Upon speaking with numerous colleagues here at Amadeus, we’re all very much looking forward to the future sessions.”
John Dwyer, Amadeus IT Group

“This was a refreshing Teleconference because the speakers were not only experienced and articulate, but had the confidence to talk openly about the industry as well as their own companies.”
Tom Wilkinson, Concur