A subcommittee of The Company Dime‘s Buyers Council, the Editorial Board is charged with reviewing ideas and Op Ed columns submitted for consideration by outside contributors, suggesting topics and collaboratively writing viewpoints of its own. Current members are Pedro CeronKelly ChristnerNicole Del Sesto, Prashanth Kuchibhotla, Steven Mandelbaum and Harriet Washburn.

Editorial: Content, Clarity, Calm And A Little Respect Top Travel Manager Wish List

Here’s a compilation of thoughts from members of The Company Dime‘s Editorial Board of six travel buyers. The last three years put everyone to the test. It’s not that we don’t enjoy challenges; we thrive on them. But it’s time to focus on the future and do what we do best. Enough firefighting and bickering. …


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SkyLink's Atyab Bhatti

Op Ed: Atyab Bhatti On Getting *A Little* Technical With AI, Part One: LLM Overview

SkyLink CEO and co-founder Atyab Bhatti provides this overview of some key concepts to kick off a series of slightly high-tech posts about artificial intelligence.  Notorious for its multiple complexities, corporate travel is slowly bowing to the transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI). A breakthrough in that revolution is generative AI, an innovation backed by…

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CWT chief architect Matthew Newton examines algorithmic bias

Op Ed: Matthew Newton On Removing Algorithmic Bias In Pursuit Of Equitable Travel

Having seen up close the dangers of algorithmic bias in artificial intelligence, CWT’s Matthew Newton has some suggestions for risk mitigation. Artificial intelligence is being deployed at scale in business travel management, with algorithms changing the game for service consistency, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. But this watershed moment threatens to unleash a monster. Algorithmic bias in…

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Scott Gillespie of tClara examines travel policies.

Op Ed: Scott Gillespie On The Case For Carbon-Acceptable Airfares

Consultant Scott Gillespie of tClara has spent a lot of time examining high- and low-value trips, and advocating for travel policies that account for that distinction. It’s not just about cutting down on wasteful spending; he also implores companies to consider business travel’s environmental impact. In his latest contribution, Gillespie does some math to depict…

Jeff Klee

Op Ed: Jeff Klee On Not-So-Unintended Consequences Of Traditional TMC Pricing

The always vocal Jeff Klee, CEO of AmTrav, revisits the thorny issue of travel management company pricing. Even travel buyers who feel it needs to change and would like to address longstanding issues of trust aren’t sold on the potential solutions. A friend of mine had a “WTF” moment the other day and called to…

Brandon Strauss

Op Ed: Brandon Strauss On A Skeptic’s View Of Generative Artificial Intelligence 

Brandon Strauss of CapTrav and KesselRun Corporate Travel Solutions explains why he’s in “watch and learn” mode when it comes to generative artificial intelligence.  Claude Shannon, a computer scientist and founder of information theory, published “A Mathematical Theory of Communication” in 1948, which defined how messages are carried from sender to receiver. This theory became…

Bryan Holmes of Bid Logic Solutions examines TMC SLAs and KPIs

Op Ed: Bryan Holmes On Next-Gen Corporate Travel Service Level Agreements And KPIs

Consultant Bryan Holmes dissects the components of thoughtful service level agreements in corporate travel management company relationships. Imagine you are a doctor faced with a patient exhibiting puzzling symptoms and debilitating pain. In this critical moment, where effective decision-making is key to relief, you would turn to a blend of clinical evaluation (gathering symptoms) and…

Scott Gillespie of tClara examines travel policies.

Op Ed: Scott Gillespie On The Need For Long-Sighted Travel Policies

Scott Gillespie of tClara continues his tradition of challenging industry norms with an iteration of his recent thinking on corporate travel value, policies and sustainability. What do you think? Comment below. Four years have passed since the Covid-19 tremors began earthquaking the travel industry, forcing The Great Zoom Experiment onto the workplace. Meanwhile, corporate concerns…


Op Ed: Chris Kroeger On The NDC-TV Analogy

The comparison of new connectivity methods for airline distribution to home entertainment has been around for some time. Airline distribution consultant Cory Garner described it in the opening minutes of this podcast published in May by Travel Weekly. After Mike Fitzgerald from United Airlines used it this month to illustrate NDC at the start of…

Marc Casto

Op Ed: Marc Casto On The Need For A ‘SuperProfile’

Casto Travel Philippines CEO Marc Casto is impressed by the potential of integration of the artificial intelligence tool Bard into Google’s applications. Unlike traditional static profiles, a new “SuperProfile” adapts to travelers’ changing preferences by using extensive data from emails, search history, social media and more. Casto explores the possibilities and emphasizes the importance of…