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In The Company Dime’s From The Field program, industry leaders contribute guideposts and other commentary for publication to the business travel audience. 

We task these advisors to focus on opinion, analysis and education rather than marketing. You are encouraged to contribute to the dialogue by commenting on their posts. 

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Clayton Nelson, Egencia

Op Ed: Clayton Nelson On A New President, New Rules And A Fresh Mandate For Sustainable Travel

The U.S. government’s reorientation to more sustainable thinking is a signal to businesses, according to Egencia head of strategy and business development Clayton Nelson. He…

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Derek Sharp, CWT

Op Ed: Derek Sharp On The Annual Hotel RFP’s Diminished Role

Complicated in the best of times, hotel sourcing is particularly tricky right now. Derek Sharp, SVP and COO for CWT’s RoomIt, makes the case for…

Brandon Strauss, KesselRun

Op Ed: Brandon Strauss On A Really Perfect Storm For 2021, In A Good Way

Considering pent-up demand, the effects of evolving traveler demographics and newfound wiggle room in corporate budgets, Brandon Strauss of KesselRun Corporate Travel Solutions is bullish…

Anna Price, Procurigence

Op Ed: Anna Price On Hotel Dayrooms

Hotel dayrooms can stand in for office space in certain scenarios. Anna Price, a consultant with Procurigence, explores how organizations can find, manage and pay…

Tony O'Connor, Butler Caroye

Op Ed: Tony O’Connor On Why Humanity May Need Travel To Survive

Consultant Tony O’Connor looks back 10,000 years and then to the heavens as he contemplates travel’s role in human civilization. Humanity may need travel to…

Tony D'Astolfo, Serko

Op Ed: Tony D’Astolfo On Why It Should Be Us Leading The Return To Business Travel

In his own way, Serko’s Tony D’Astolfo issues a call to action to get the industry out of the gutter. The last time I stepped…


Op Ed: Krissy Herman On 2021 Corporate Hotel Programs

KesselRun Corporate Travel Solutions vice president of client services Krissy Herman shares observations from the current sourcing season and what corporate hotel program managers should…

Andrew Crawley, American Express Global Business Travel

Op Ed: Drew Crawley On Keeping ‘Aviation For All’ A Reality

American Express Global Business Travel has been among the more vocal advocates for a thoughtful restart of business travel. Chief commercial officer Drew Crawley lays…

Alan Tyson, Databasics

Op Ed: Alan Tyson And Marcel Syriani On A C (Level) Change For Employee Expense Management

Databasics CEO Alan Tyson and CTO Marcel Syriani examine what clients’ employees have been expensing during the pandemic and recommend a new focus on managing…

Jean-Christophe Lacour, Amadeus

Op Ed: Jean-Christophe Lacour On The Potential Impact Of Strong Customer Authentication For Payment

Amadeus recently conducted research to assess the travel industry’s readiness for new payment security rules in Europe. Jean-Christophe Lacour, the company’s head of merchant services…

John Harvey, Globalyse

Op Ed: John Harvey On The Future Of Business Travel Demand

Using an everyday observation, industry veteran John Harvey, managing partner at the Globalyse and Harvey & Heywood marketing and communications firms, finds that people were traveling for…

Scott Gillespie

Op Ed: Scott Gillespie On The Surprisingly Strong Case For Meeting In Person

Industry provocateur Scott Gillespie of tClara poses the question, “Why travel for business?” To help answer that, tClara between Aug. 17 and Oct. 12 surveyed…

Jason King, P. Jason King Associates

Op Ed: Jason King On What’s Really Happening With Employment In The Travel Industry

P. Jason King is founder, president and CEO of P. Jason King Associates, an executive search and career development firm focused on various elements of…


Op Ed: Tom Kallas On TMC Pricing Transparency

During his 41-year career in travel, Partnership Travel Consulting’s Tom Kallas held senior roles at corporate travel agencies including BCD Travel, IVI, Travelocity Business and…

Danny Eldridge, ServeVita

Op Ed: Danny Eldridge On Travel Management Companies’ Time

Danny Eldridge is CEO of ServeVita, a software integration firm that works closely with the likes of Unit4 and Sabre. In this guest post, he…

AmTrav CEO Jeff Klee

Op Ed: Jeff Klee On Whether The Industry Is Wasting This Crisis

AmTrav CEO Jeff Klee is concerned that the industry isn’t doing enough to not only survive Covid-19 but emerge from the crisis stronger than before….

Tony O'Connor, Butler Caroye

Op Ed: Tony O’Connor On The Likelihood Of Higher Travel Costs

In a battered travel industry, which way will prices go? There are strong arguments for both up and down. Tony O’Connor, managing director of the…

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Gaurav Sundaram, ProKonsul

Op Ed: Gaurav Sundaram On Reinventing The Global Business Travel Association With A Truly Global Focus

ProKonsul Consulting’s Gaurav Sundaram has some experience with the Global Business Travel Association. He served on the group’s India advisory board between 2012 and 2015,…

Ron DiLeo

Op Ed: Ron DiLeo On The Demise Of ACTE And What’s Next For Business Travel Industry Associations

Ron DiLeo was the executive director and COO of the Association of Corporate Travel Executives from 2010 to 2012. Based on that experience and his…

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Mark McSpadden, American Express Global Business Travel

Op Ed: Mark McSpadden On Creating Confidence Amid An Uncertain Future

Mark McSpadden is vice president of global product strategy and digital experience for American Express Global Business Travel. He’s also a road warrior ruminating on…

Tony O'Connor, Butler Caroye

Op Ed: Tony O’Connor On The Window Of Opportunity To Reset Industry Associations

Most in-person events organized by industry membership associations are on hold. Even if conditions improve to allow them to resume, consultant Tony O’Connor doesn’t think…

Festive Road

Op Ed: Caroline Strachan And Paul Tilstone On What Went Wrong With GBTA And How To Fix It

Caroline Strachan and Paul Tilstone have been as active as anyone in building and supporting professional travel management associations. This guest contribution from the two…

Sam Hilgendorf, Fox World Travel

Op Ed: Sam Hilgendorf On Travel Management Company Business Model Resiliency

Among the effects of the Covid-19 crisis is more dialogue about the efficacy of the prevailing transaction fee pricing structure used by travel management companies….

Liam Moroney, Rocketrip

Op Ed: Liam Moroney On Analyzing Airline Traffic Recovery Trends

Rocketrip has been crunching TSA data to create projections on the pace of the rebound in air traffic. As vice president of marketing Liam Moroney…

Craig Fichtelberg, AmTrav

Op Ed: Craig Fichtelberg On A Better Stimulus, A Cohesive Plan And A Little Luck

Covid-19 came out of nowhere and the economic rebound is going to take much longer than previously anticipated. AmTrav president and co-founder Craig Fichtelberg is…

Mat Orrego, Cornerstone

Op Ed: Mat Orrego On Approaching And Solving Problems In The Travel Industry, Part 2

A few years ago, Cornerstone Information Systems CEO Mat Orrego wrote the first installment of this editorial. From his perspective, recent events have illustrated some…