A subcommittee of The Company Dime‘s Buyers Council, the Editorial Board is charged with reviewing ideas and Op Ed columns submitted for consideration by outside contributors, suggesting topics and collaboratively writing viewpoints of its own. Current members are Lindsay BalramSuzanne BoyanPedro CeronKelly ChristnerNicole Del Sesto and Steven Mandelbaum.

Editorial: Content, Clarity, Calm And A Little Respect Top Travel Manager Wish List

Here’s a compilation of thoughts from members of The Company Dime‘s Editorial Board of six travel buyers. The last three years put everyone to the test. It’s not that we don’t enjoy challenges; we thrive on them. But it’s time to focus on the future and do what we do best. Enough firefighting and bickering. …


Op Ed

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Op Ed: Chris Kroeger On The NDC-TV Analogy

The comparison of new connectivity methods for airline distribution to home entertainment has been around for some time. Airline distribution consultant Cory Garner described it in the opening minutes of this podcast published in May by Travel Weekly. After Mike Fitzgerald from United Airlines used it this month to illustrate NDC at the start of…

Marc Casto

Op Ed: Marc Casto On The Need For A ‘SuperProfile’

Casto Travel Philippines CEO Marc Casto is impressed by the potential of integration of the artificial intelligence tool Bard into Google’s applications. Unlike traditional static profiles, a new “SuperProfile” adapts to travelers’ changing preferences by using extensive data from emails, search history, social media and more. Casto explores the possibilities and emphasizes the importance of…

|Tony O'Connor

Op Ed: Tony O’Connor On A Rethink For Buyer Associations

Consultant Tony O’Connor updates his thinking on industry associations with a new twist as he perceives a great realignment in buyer-supplier dynamics. Travel buyer associations are an important part of the business travel landscape. They are the vehicle that can enable disparate buyers to join forces and have a say in the issues and changes…

David Jaqua

Op Ed: David Jaqua On What’s Ahead For Corporate Airline Contracts

Corporate contracts are changing at American Airlines and United Airlines. What’s going on with the value proposition on each side of the table? Industry veteran David Jaqua, an expert on corporate air travel data and former leader at Prism Group, acquired by Sabre in 2012, advocates for tried-and-true practices filtered through the lens of today’s…

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Mike McCormick

Op Ed: Mike McCormick On Misconceptions, Trends And The Canary In The Coal Mine

For former Global Business Travel Association executive director and veteran corporate travel executive Mike McCormick, there’s no fighting the changes travel management now faces and no avoiding uncertainty. The American Airlines NDC-powered pricing mandate beginning now is signaling a major inflection point in the travel industry. It is the canary in the coal mine. However,…

Julian Moro

Op Ed: Julian Moro Of International SOS On Duty Of Care In Ukraine And Beyond

Every crisis offers lessons and the war in Ukraine is no exception. Overlapping emergencies especially put critical event managers to the test and expose program deficiencies. Julian Moro, an SVP and regional security director at International SOS, shares gaps observed during the past few years and ways to improve corporate duty of care. Just over…


Op Ed: Martin Warner On NDC Readiness And The Economic Impact

Former CWT executive Martin Warner, of late a consultant to various players in corporate travel, knows as well as anyone the impact that distribution changes have on travel management economics. Here he reminds us that’s an unresolved issue with NDC. The recent article in The Company Dime on “readiness” for NDC was an excellent summary…

Bryan Holmes

Op Ed: Bryan Holmes On Upgrading Your TMC RFP By Thinking Slow

Intuition rather than analysis can lead buyers astray, according to Bryan Holmes. The founder of Bid Logic Solutions provides a few examples of how this manifests during a travel management company sourcing project and describes a more measured approach. A bat and a ball cost $1.10 in total. The bat costs $1 more than the…

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Jeff Klee

Op Ed: Jeff Klee On What We Lose When We Put Sustainability Before Travel

AmTrav CEO Jeff Klee is getting frustrated by tokenism and perfunctory action when it comes to sustainability and corporate travel. On the 2022 business travel conference circuit, sustainability and purposeful travel were all the rage. Panelists at events large and small touted the urgency to reduce travel and, with it, carbon emissions. Given the chorus…