Op Ed: Claire Langford On How Expanded Risk Offers Opportunities To Improve Duty Of Care

One of the pandemic’s silver linings has been greater awareness of and attention to corporate duty of care. According to Claire Langford, a veteran travel buyer and former TMC program manager now with CoreTrust Purchasing Group, organizations taking a broader view of employee wellbeing can not only mitigate risk, but also improve recruiting and retention….

Distributed Work, New ISO Guidance Shape Travel Risk Management’s Next Steps

As businesses send their people back on the road in growing numbers, there’s a lot for travel managers and travelers to remember about risk prevention, mitigation and response. At the same time, with employees working from home or just about any place they want, there are many more environments for organizations to keep tabs on….

Your Face Is, Or Will Be, Your Boarding Pass

Many see biometrics-based systems for security screening and other airport processes as a way to build travel infrastructure for the expected volume recovery. That should mean shorter lines and more productive time during trips. This article by Elaine Glusac runs down the latest developments. If it’s been a year or more since you traveled, particularly…

Using Your Face At The Airport To Drop A Bag And Save Two Minutes Is Just An Appetizer

Delta Air Lines said its new dedicated biometric baggage drop at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport could shave two minutes from the curb-to-plane trek. The technology behind the facial recognition system promises a much bigger wow factor for businesses and travelers in the near future. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated global adoption of touchless interactions at…

The Trouble With Airports, And How To Fix Them

By Elaine Glusac, a travel writer for The New York Times. During this summer of frequent flight delays and cancellations, many travelers spent more time in airports than expected, often subjected to blaring TV news, rock-hard seats and scarce electrical outlets. Add anxiety over Covid-19 and disagreements regarding mandated masking, and it’s little wonder incidents…

Eyeing Program Expansion, TSA Expects New Providers To Begin PreCheck Enrollment This Year

Most travelers probably don’t know or care that a private-sector company is behind the enrollment process for TSA PreCheck. They might soon. To expand the program’s membership, TSA last month said it expected two new authorized enrollment providers to begin PreCheck services by year-end. This won’t change how members use the program to get through…

Beware Free Wi-Fi: Government Urges Workers To Avoid Public Networks

By David Sanger, a White House and national security correspondent, and Julian Barnes, a national security reporter. The Biden administration would like you to get a vaccine and wear a mask. Oh, and one more thing: It has just proclaimed that it’s time for government employees and contractors to get off public Wi-Fi, where they…

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