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The travel industry thrives on a complex network of channels connecting travelers with desired experiences. The Company Dime‘s travel distribution category delves into this intricate system, offering subscribers invaluable knowledge and insights. Our in-depth articles explore the various channels that constitute corporate travel distribution, both traditional and emerging.

Getting all the relevant, bookable inventory in front of business travelers is a never-ending challenge. Airlines, hotels and other suppliers constantly tinker with their products and pricing, and often favor direct distribution over third-party channels. That creates complexity in business travel technology.

Readers can expect thorough coverage of the relationships and dynamics between airlines, hotels, travel management companies, global distribution systems and other suppliers and intermediaries. We closely examine developments associated with the New Distribution Capability (NDC), direct booking initiatives and the rise of new entrants looking to disrupt legacy models.

Subscribers benefit from our scrutiny of the often-opaque world of distribution costs and revenue streams, including incentive payments, agency commissions and booking fees. We shed light on these essential commercial arrangements.

We also track the technological forces reshaping distribution, from the positioning of online booking tools to the potential of emerging solutions like artificial intelligence, blockchain and virtual payment. Readers stay informed on innovations that could unlock efficiencies and improve the traveler experience.

Our coverage clarifies major industry debates, such as the relative merits of GDS and NDC content, and our Op Eds deliver provocative thought leadership from all corners of the industry. Contributor insights on timely issues — like rethinking travel management company commercial models — make for essential reading.

With a critical eye and a healthy dose of skepticism, The Company Dime delivers must-have intelligence for anyone seeking to understand the present and future of travel distribution.

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New AA Agency Program, Loyalty Restrictions Support Direct, NDC Distribution 

Keeping its chief commercial officer’s word on plans for more incentives on “internet” bookings, American Airlines on Tuesday announced new conditions for customers to earn miles and points beginning with tickets issued May 1. They’ll earn when they book directly with AA or certain partners, book anywhere as an AAdvantage Business member or contracted corporate…

Southwest Claims Domestic Corporate Share Gain Based On ARC Data

Southwest Airlines finished last year with roughly 12 percent of U.S. domestic managed corporate travel bookings, based on its analysis of ARC data, up from zero four years earlier. The jump resulted from a combination of market and Southwest-specific developments. Measured by passengers, the dataset encompassed global distribution system bookings through a few dozen of…

Notebook: Searching For Better Travel Data, International SOS Endorses Spotnana

As part of its mission to support client employees’ safety, security and well-being, risk management firm International SOS processes 20 million passenger name records a week. Between 1.5 percent and 2 percent have errors, according to the firm’s global travel industry relations VP, Wendy Stachowiak. That’s a lot. But with some new mutual clients using…

Op Ed: Jeff Klee On Not-So-Unintended Consequences Of Traditional TMC Pricing

The always vocal Jeff Klee, CEO of AmTrav, revisits the thorny issue of travel management company pricing. Even travel buyers who feel it needs to change and would like to address longstanding issues of trust aren’t sold on the potential solutions. A friend of mine had a “WTF” moment the other day and called to…

Dispatch 9

Reaction: Responding to Scott Gillespie’s Op Ed on how today’s corporate travel market demands “long-sighted travel policies” prioritizing value and sustainability over traditional cost-cutting, readers generally agreed with the need for change. Microsoft’s Eric Bailey echoed the goal of reducing emissions and minimizing low-value trips but suggested different methods. He recommended carbon taxes and budget…

AA To ‘Start’ Restricting Legacy Sales And Service As Corporates Roll Eyes 

With American Airlines’ 2023 passenger revenues 8.8 percent higher and selling expenses 1 percent lower, executives said on Thursday that corporate buyers and travel management companies could expect more of the same: more incentives for business travelers to book directly, more focus on co-branded cards and loyalty, more degradation in support for predominant corporate travel…

United, AA Take Different Paths In Jettisoning Aging Small Business Programs

Thanks to apparently contradictory messaging from American Airlines, some travel managers said they were confused about how the line between airline small business programs and larger corporate discounts was blurring. Changes are underway at both American and United. AA stopped points accrual for the Business Extra program last month and encouraged enrollees to switch to…

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