Author: Gabe Rizzi

Gabriel "Gabe" Rizzi is the chief revenue officer of Altour, a division of Travel Leaders Group, one of the top 10 travel management firms in North America and the United Kingdom. Since his appointment in 2016, Gabe has led the enterprise through a period of significant growth, effectively integrating acquisitions of several well-established corporate travel management companies. Prior to joining Travel Leaders Group, Gabe served in senior sales roles for SenecaOne Finance Co. and then Dun and Bradstreet. Earlier in his career he worked in sales, product, marketing and operations at Gateway Computers Inc. and AT&T Corporation. Gabe earned a Bachelor of Arts in Businesses Administration from Virginia Wesleyan University. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Op Ed: Gabe Rizzi On What Your CEO May Be Looking For From T&E Management

Travel management has many important reasons for being. It touches lots of different departments and leads to varied priorities among organizational leaders. Gabe Rizzi, Travel Leaders Group’s chief sales officer and Travel Leaders Corporate’s president, suggests travel management pros take stock of those priorities and determine how best to extend the discipline’s value. Cost reduction…

Op Ed: Gabe Rizzi On Reading All The Right Stories From Your Travel Data

There are many lessons to learn by looking through travel program data. The more you dig, the more insights you’ll pick up. Travel Leaders Corporate president Gabe Rizzi lays out some of the genres you should read up on and describes how each can help optimize travel program management. Corporate travel managers today have a…

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