Author: Thomas Tulloch

Tom Tulloch is chief commercial officer of manufacturing industry tech firm Process Miner. Tom's career includes over two decades of leadership and expertise in the travel and expense data business. He worked at PredictX from 2015 to 2019 and before that ran the data business at TRX Inc. Find more information about Tom on LinkedIn.

Op Ed: Tom Tulloch On APIs: What They Are And What They Mean For Travel Management

Application programming interfaces are not brand new tech. They’ve been part of travel industry parlance for several years. But many don’t understand exactly what they do or how they’ll help corporate travel programs and their providers. We’ll let PredictX North America EVP and managing director Tom Tulloch take it from here. Last fall I discussed…

Op Ed: Tom Tulloch On Data ‘Socialization’ For Travel Managers

Dashboards and other methods of visualizing data have gained popularity in travel management. With the reams of data that a travel program generates, any way to better sort through and make sense of it is welcome. PredictX North America EVP and managing director Tom Tulloch thinks data visualization has a place in corporate travel, but…

Op Ed: Tom Tulloch On GDPR And Supply Chain Compliance

Data protection and privacy have been a big deal for a long time in the data-intensive travel industry. With new regulations set to take effect — covering all European citizens and companies doing business in Europe — there are many new questions about who is impacted and how to comply. Tom Tulloch, executive vice president…

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