Thomas Tulloch

Thomas Tulloch

Tom Tulloch is executive vice president and managing director of PredictX North America. Tom's career includes over two decades of leadership and expertise in the data business. His passion is helping companies manage global travel and expense programs using a data-driven approach. Tom is widely recognized as a data expert in the travel industry. Prior to joining PredictX in 2015, he ran the data business at TRX Inc., before divesting the company to Concur/SAP in 2013. Find more information about Tom on LinkedIn.

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Tom Tulloch On GDPR And Supply Chain Compliance

By | May 10, 2018

Data protection and privacy have been a big deal for a long time in the data-intensive travel industry. With new regulations set to take effect — covering all European citizens and companies doing business in Europe — there are many new questions about who is impacted and how to comply. Tom Tulloch, executive vice president and managing director… Read More »