Welcome to a new audio feature as The Company Dime interviews the industry veterans at GoldSpring Consulting about developments in travel management.

In this first installment, recorded Feb. 7, 2019, GoldSpring partner Neil Hammond talks to Jay Campbell about industry activity in which providers seek more ownership of the user experience.

Here’s an index of topics on the roughly 11-minute recording, which you can play below, including links to past coverage and more details.

0:33 Enterprise To Buy Deem
1:49 United Revealed As Airline Participating In ARC Test Of Blockchain For Corporate Travel
4:14 With A New Booking Interface, TripActions Will Regain Access To Delta
6:13 FCM Buys Casto Travel
8:41 CWT CEO Ekert: Don’t Call myCWT An Online Booking Tool (Just Book Through It, Online)

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