Author: John Harvey

John Harvey is founder and chief marketing officer at Globalyse, a strategic marketing company specializing in the world of travel. He is the former group marketing director of Hogg Robinson plc, where he held responsibility for marketing and communications across both HRG and Fraedom. He describes his career in four phases: Firstly, a foundation in travel (1979-1994), starting as a junior travel agent and ending as director responsible for client management. Secondly, going it alone (1994-2009), diversifying into IT and creating a successful sales and marketing consultancy. Thirdly, returning to travel (2009-2018), leading the HRG global sales team and taking on marketing. Phase four began with the launch of Globalyse in January 2019. Connect with John on LinkedIn.

Op Ed: John Harvey On The Future Of Business Travel Demand

Using an everyday observation, industry veteran John Harvey, managing partner at the Globalyse and Harvey & Heywood marketing and communications firms, finds that people were traveling for business more than they needed to. It is 8:30 a.m. on a Monday and I am off to check on a barometer that measures the current demand and sentiment for…

Op Ed: John Harvey On The Vision Of A New Channel Model

TMC industry veteran John Harvey in January asked whether changing market forces and increased demand for greater value and transparency in the channel would bring about a next-generation travel management company model. Since then he’s been considering what the new model could be. Should a TMC’s core intention be to make money from the travel…

Op Ed: John Harvey On A Next-Generation TMC Model

After a few stints with Hogg Robinson, the first starting in the 1970s, John Harvey knows a thing or two about travel management companies. Observing current market forces and technological innovation, he senses the emergence of a new framework. In this guest column, Harvey discusses how three decades of TMC evolution will shape the industry’s…

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