Author: Keesup Choe

Keesup Choe is the CEO of SaaS data intelligence company PredictX. 
After founding Renaissance Software Inc., the first distributed system for managing financial derivatives, Keesup has spent almost 30 years working in finance and software. He has run his own hedge fund and acted as head of trading for major investment banks in the City and Wall Street. He has also successfully grown startup software companies in Silicon Valley and London. Keesup’s particular passion is empowering stakeholders to make better decisions. By discovering meaning in their data and automating routine tasks, Keesup believes stakeholders can have both the time and improved understanding to innovate and drive company-wide growth. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Op Ed: Keesup Choe On How Targeted Selling Algorithms Can Benefit The Buyer

Keesup Choe of PredictX suggests that targeted selling algorithms using artificial intelligence can help buyers control spend and create leverage for supplier negotiations. As modern-age consumers, we have more or less accepted we are being monitored through our devices, search history, online shopping activity and use of social media. We know there are algorithms in…

Op Ed: Keesup Choe On Why Travel Management Is Slow To Get Its Upgrade

With every breakthrough in artificial intelligence, we humans must adapt our expertise. Keesup Choe, CEO at data and intelligence firm PredictX, sees automation as a complement, handling what machines do best. At the same time, people continue doing what they do best: being creative, building relationships and thinking strategically. The key is figuring out how…

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