Contact Tracing Scales In Asia, Faces Privacy And Political Hurdles In Europe And The United States

Questions about where people have been, whom they've seen and how they're feeling are becoming commonplace. So are mobile apps that track potential coronavirus exposure. Contact tracing has taken on greater prominence in recent months as society copes with Covid-19. As with physical health screenings, there are data privacy concerns and travel management considerations.

Health authorities have used contact tracing for decades. Traditionally, that involves interviews of those infected or exposed. This prompts more people to get tested and, if necessary, self-isolate . . .

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Author: David Jonas

David Jonas in 2006 co-founded business media firm after ten years as a journalist with Business Travel News. David rejoined BTN in 2010 as executive editor when its parent company acquired ProMedia, and in 2014 co-created The Company Dime. David has a bachelor's degree in communications from Cornell University.
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