Can I Get There From Here? Interline Deals Might Help

Due to the pandemic, global airline capacity fell by 58 percent last year compared with 2019, according to IATA. In the first week of this year, the number of scheduled flights worldwide was down 44 percent. Steep declines in airline capacity exacerbated an old industry problem: the inability of passengers to reach destinations aboard their originating airline’s aircraft. With demand at its lowest levels in decades, some industry watchers are looking for airlines to take a page out of the previous century . . .

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Michael Antrobus

Author: Michael Antrobus

Michael Antrobus reported from 1991 to 2005 on local, state and federal government, the courts, education and business at daily and weekly newspapers and business journals. He served from 2007 to 2020 as director of public relations and content creation at BCD Travel. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English and philosophy from Boston College and a master’s degree in journalism from Louisiana State University. More on LinkedIn.
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