Non-Reimbursement: Teeth For Policy, Illegal In California

Denying reimbursement when employees violate travel expense policies is an option that some think sensible and others call draconian. But plenty use it. In a September 2014 Global Business Travel Association poll, 45 percent of North American and 31 percent of European travel managers indicated non-reimbursement was a consequence of travel policy violations at their organizations.

Non-reimbursement policies are often empty threats, but they're especially hollow in California, where enforcing them would be illegal. The state's law covers business travel expenses, including those related to use of company or personal vehicles . . .

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Author: David Jonas

David Jonas in 2006 co-founded business media firm after ten years as a journalist with Business Travel News. David rejoined BTN in 2010 as executive editor when its parent company acquired ProMedia, and in 2014 co-created The Company Dime. David has a bachelor's degree in communications from Cornell University.